Cracker Barrel Lima Beans

Junior Burger
2004/07/19 14:18:53
Anyone know how they make them soooo good? I hate lima beans, but after eating their's well, that's a different story! :D So good! Let me know if anyone knows how to make them or if they know of a recipe.


Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Cracker Barrel Lima Beans 2004/07/19 14:25:48
Surely dried limas with ham hocks, cooked slow until they have a thick broth almost like a gravy of sorts. That's how I make mine anyway. I haven't had Cracker Barrel in forever and when I do go I get the beans(pinto), greens, cornbread, and sweet tea. Best thing on their menu as far as I'm concerned. Breakfast can be decent at times also.