Merlinos Belvedere, Canon City, Co

Junior Burger
2004/07/20 11:34:59
I have looked allover this forum, and cannot find even one mention of, what I think is, the finest steak house in this country. Admittadly they are off the beaten track, however itis worth the drive to visit this wonderful eatery.
Go to Here you will find a sample menu and some information. Links to the site where you can see the whole history of this one of a kind restaurant. Worth checking it out.
TJ Jackson
RE: Merlinos Belvedere, Canon City, Co 2004/07/20 13:31:37
I found I couldn't go directly to that link, so here are alternate links:
Junior Burger
RE: Merlinos Belvedere, Canon City, Co 2004/07/20 20:12:42
Sorry about the link,don't know how I did that.
My last visit to Merlinos was back in the eightys, and I cannot forget the experience. The salad comes in a large bowl with a stack of dishes, you serve yourself. It comes with a house dressing which is made daily, and along with the bleu cheese and the home made fresh bread, which comes a whole loaf at a time, it is very difficult to keep from making a meal of bread and salad. But one must hold back, because the steak is simply out of this world. MMMMMMMMM, Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Maybe I am due for a trip back to Colorado.