Double Cheeseburger
2003/04/23 00:02:32
Where did you have your best Chilisize.was it a chili cheese burger
at a dump in the boonies, or perhaps at a little leaques baseball game, somthing that some kid's mother made for you. I hope it wasn't at Chili's. I think this might be a south, southwest aberration of delictible delights. I did a 25,000 mile trip around Ameerica a number of years ago, and found the best to be in the So. and/or the southwest - serrano or jalopeno peppers contibuted to the flavor.

good eating
Filet Mignon
RE: Chilisize 2003/04/23 17:47:57
CCJPO: I'm dying to hear about this 25,000 mile trip you made. When you get a chance, please click on "Bushie" to the left and send me an email. Did you consider writing a book about your trip? I know it's "been done", but I love stories like that.

To answer your question; my best one was at my grandfather's drive-in burger joint in Springfield, MO, but the next best is Casper's, also in Springfield. Heavenly chili on a heavenly burger.
seafarer john
Filet Mignon
RE: Chilisize 2003/04/23 18:56:12
Last Fall we spent a few days in New Mexico and I ate a lot of chili in one form or another, and in all kinds of restaurants. All of it was so far and above better than anything I 've ever had anyplace else, especially here in the Northeast, that i've given up on chili until I can get back to the Southwest. The chili in NM had a clear, pure, honest zing to it that makes what usually passes for chili seem muddy and confused. It was never overly hot - it had a heat with some modesty - like maybe nobody in NM has to show off how hot they can take it.
Filet Mignon
RE: Chilisize 2003/05/06 13:36:31
The Owl Cafe which is in Socorro, New Mexico (one in Albuquerque is too spiffed up)has the best green chile cheeseburger as well as true RoadFood charm, but if you are in New Mexico and in a real pinch and don't have the time to drive to Socorro, a New Mexico chain, Blake's Lottaburger has a pretty good version of the same.
Junior Burger
RE: Chilisize 2003/05/16 15:11:15
One of the best Chili burgers I ever had was at The Hungry Logger in Southfork, Colorado.
RE: Chilisize 2003/06/05 00:52:40
I don't know if it's the best (I'm pretty sure it isn't), but I sure do miss the chili size at Bob's Big Boy.