Junior Burger
2004/08/01 04:25:48
While living in NYC...many many moons ago...there was a store on the upper upper East side (Yorkville to be exact) by the name of "THE WELL BRED LOAF"....who made the best Blondie Brownies I've ever tasted.....I understand they're now located in Congers, NY....

Junior Burger
RE: BEST STORE BOUGHT BROWNIES 2004/08/01 08:48:18
Don't know about brownies sold at gourment type shops but for true "store bought brownies," the TastyKake version sold at convenience stores and supermarkets in the Northeast allows for a good sugar kick...its almost too sweet but I like my brownies that way. I judge a good brownie based on how heavy it is and the TastyKake variety packs a real punch. As far as when I was growing up, I took a little debbie's fudge brownie in my lunchbox everyday. The box says that they are "America's Favorite" after all. I still like them but nothing beats my mom's cherished brownie recipe that she won't share with anyone...darn! I just wish she'd make them more often.

My sister swears by these gourmet brownies she buys in NYC. I have never tried any but she says they're better than our moms. Hmmm...I think she's just trying to be trendy!
Junior Burger
RE: BEST STORE BOUGHT BROWNIES 2004/08/02 13:57:03
Not a matter of being trendy...a matter of a "quick fix"...if one is going to buy it already made....may as well be made with the best ingredients $$ can buy....aside from which...hubby's in my to buy a sweet treat on the outside and leave it at as not to "tempt" him....!!!

RE: BEST STORE BOUGHT BROWNIES 2004/08/02 14:05:34
LaurieG, when I worked in Manhattan several years ago, I lived on those blondies. I thought they were exceptional! Have not seen them around lately though. I also love the black and white cookies too. Can't remember the brand name though. They're all over the city though.
Junior Burger
RE: BEST STORE BOUGHT BROWNIES 2004/08/02 14:35:22
Bakery was called..."The Well Bred Loaf"...they were located in several different places...the one I remember fondly was in Yorkville in the East 80-90s...after I left the city in 1980...they relocated on 3rd Ave around E 92 St...after that as far as I know they relocated to Congers, NY...I bought one of their brownies last October while visiting NYC from Thousand Oaks, Ca....though it was as good as I remembered it to be....not the same as when they made it fresh from the oven.....

Filet Mignon
RE: BEST STORE BOUGHT BROWNIES 2004/08/04 21:19:28
Boulder Brownies, if they still make them, can be found in the refrigerated section of Trader Joe's and various health food stores. They're not cheap, impossible to find, made with all natural ingredients, and are extremely tasty.
Junior Burger
RE: BEST STORE BOUGHT BROWNIES 2004/08/30 18:37:29
The Great American Cookie Company makes a truly awesome frosted chocolate fudge brownie. As for brownies available at the local convenience store, I'll have to agree with CX747 ~ Tastykake makes pretty good brownies.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: BEST STORE BOUGHT BROWNIES 2004/08/31 14:34:41
I really like Whole Foods version of Blondies and thier congo bars which has fruits and coconut I think. Expensive but worth it.
Junior Burger
RE: BEST STORE BOUGHT BROWNIES 2006/07/25 16:12:05
Not store bought but available on line..

all belgian and some real nice packaging. Give them away to all my clients.