A Decent Packaged Chili?

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RE: A Decent Packaged Chili? 2005/09/20 18:06:37
Originally posted by spamlamb

For Cincinnati chili (an acquired taste, but addictive) order at www.skylinechili.com. We get minimum 2 cases per year shipped out to Colorado. It's cans, and you have to find a good rubbery vermicelli, ridiculously strong onions and "fancy" shredded medium (or sharp) cheddar, but it's as close to Clifton & Ludlow as we can get out west.

Hi spamlamb:

I am from Colorado as well. Your suggestion sounds yummy . Out of curiosity, what brand of "good rubbery vermicelli" do you use?
RE: A Decent Packaged Chili? 2006/11/10 20:21:32
I used the Wick Fowler mix for years but haven't in some time. I've been re-reading Frank X. Tolbert's Bowl of Red; Tolbert called Fowler the best chili cook in the world.

A couple of things stand out in Tolbert's discussion: Fowler never served his chili on the day he made it. He refrigerated it overnight, skimmed the fat off the top the next day, THEN decided whether to add masa to thicken it. That's different from the package instructions which completes the whole process in about 3 hours.
RE: A Decent Packaged Chili? 2006/11/10 20:31:26
I've found a new mix that is pretty good - Zach's Spicy Chili Mix:

It's a family company based in La Porte, a suburb of Houston, and apparently has been around a long time. I read about them a few months ago on eGullet.

The packet says it's good for up to 2 pounds of chili but I think it's stretching it to go over 1.5 pounds. Its a very aromatic mix. I've made the best chili with it using 2 packs on about 3 pounds of meat, saving the second packet for a second dump, as the chili competition cooks term it.

I first started finding it in butcher shops. In grocery stores that carry it, it tends to be close to the meat department rather than the spice aisle or the isle with the gravy mixes, etc., where you tend to find Wick Fowler, Carrol Shelby and Shotgun Willie's, etc.

They also sell their mixes in 1 lb. bags; maybe they're really oriented more towards institutional sales. I make a lot of chili but I can't imagine how long it'd take to use up a pound of chili mix. I've paid between $1.27 and $1.34 per packet.

P.S. I think it's a little oversalted.

RE: A Decent Packaged Chili? 2006/11/11 14:28:16
There are sooo many chili mixes. How to choose? I usually just use Shelby's but save the red pepper for other uses. Im sure there are beter mixes out there, like the one above.
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