Food Fair in Memphis?

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2004/08/09 20:55:11
Does anyone rememeber this place? A two story mini mall that was basically a free standing food pit(or court). They had a Krystal and a Sir Beef, that's all for now. Also the fighting chickens in a cage for a quarter. This was in the mid seventies, so probably no posts here, but it was truly a treat for us kids! BTW i think over on Summer Ave near Butler MCC.
Junior Burger
Re:Food Fair in Memphis? 2011/12/29 18:43:12
I was just thinking about Food Fair in Memphis and decided to see if anything was posted on the Internet.  My family went there when I was about 12 on a trip from the Orlando area to Denver one summer.  We stopped in Memphis to visit a family friend and she took us to Food Fair.   Truly, it was the precursor to a mall food court.  So unique in the early 70s.  I wonder how long it was in business.    
Junior Burger
Re:Food Fair in Memphis? 2012/03/19 16:22:45
I remember the Food Fair as well.  I remember Pancho's and Shakey's Pizza and also the dancing chickens.  I was just in that building last week.  First time in 40 years.  It's now a billiards hall.
Junior Burger
Re:Food Fair in Memphis? 2012/11/29 20:35:57
My Dad built the Food Fair in Memphis around 1968 or 1969. It is located at 5099 Old Summer. The original concept was 10 restaurants that originally included Sir Beef, Panchos Taco, Leonard's BBQ, Al Shirts as well as others that escape my memory at the moment. There was a central stage area for Bands as well as amusements including the dancing chickens.
The concept did well for several years and was the precursor to today's modern food courts found in most shopping malls. A movie cinema was added next door several years later. Changing times eventually caused its demise. On my last visit there there was a Billiards Hall and BBQ place there but the exterior is virtually unchanged since the day it was built.
Many fond memories of this place during its construction as well as when it was open.