2003/04/25 09:45:13
We will be leaving NC headed to Disney area for a week or so. I haven't been in a couple of years. Other than The Beacon Drive In(I love it and visit often) any suggestions for the trip and in Fla.? We love most anything and the man loves a good breakfast-I like ethnic and everything else!! Thanks
Ort. Carlton.
Filet Mignon
RE: NC-Orlando 2003/04/25 18:46:03
I would suggest going down through South Carolina and stopping off at Holly Hill at Bub Sweatman's Bar-B-Q. I've never been there, but it's so locally famous that there's no way you could go wrong: see the website listing here. - Only trouble is, gee whiz, they're only open on weekends... like soooo many of those gooood Carolina pig-pickin' places.
If you feel like cutting across towards Augusta, Georgia, stop off in Batesburg/Leesville and visit either (or both) Shealy's at 340 East Columbia Avenue (U. S. 1) or Jackie Hite's on the corner of Railroad Avenue and Carolina Avenue, a block off U. S. 1 toward the railroad (watch for the sign). Hite's buffet spread is nowhere as huge as Shealy's, but overall the food is a notch better. Shealy's is closed on Sunday and Wednesday; Jackie Hite's is closed on Monday. You can fairly easily angle back down from there and pick up I-26 to Charleston, or go through Augusta and hit I-95 near Savannah.
Michael, you got anything else to add? Y'all been down that way a bunch; you had ought to have something decent up your sleeve.
Sometimes my Southern accent gets out of hand, y'all.
By the way, I just noticed Beacon Iced Tea packaged and for sale in an Ingles supermarket outside of Anderson, South Carolina. Will wonders never cease!
Livermushingly, Ort. Carlton in Athens, Georgia.
P. S. If you drive through Charlotte, try The Landmark Diner on Central Avenue. It's about two miles off Independence Boulevard (The way they've convoluted the streets there, I can't give you perfect directions.). There, I once concocted - and enjoyed immensely - a livermush-and-feta cheese omelette. A dollop of Texas Pete and you're home free.
seafarer john
Filet Mignon
RE: NC-Orlando 2003/04/25 21:02:41
Take the Pooler, GA exit off I-95 and about 1 mile west you'll find Don's Famous BBQ. It's in what looks like an old Dairy Queen and it sells Lexington style BBQ and its great.