Fruit Float

2004/08/11 22:33:37
Anyone remember a product by Libby's called Fruit Float? You'd mis it with a can of cold milk and it made a custardy/pudding-like fruit dessert. I used to love it when I was kid.
Daniel Cleary
Junior Burger
RE: Fruit Float 2006/01/06 22:34:11
I remember it well and miss it. It was fruit in syrup and I imagine a rather fast acting gelitin to which cold milk was added creating a yoghurty substance.
TJ Jackson
RE: Fruit Float 2006/01/07 09:38:14
Junior Burger
RE: Fruit Float 2008/05/07 17:13:53
can you buy fruit float anywhere?
Junior Burger
RE: Fruit Float 2008/05/07 17:23:26
i loved fruit float strawberry was my fav! i want fruit float!!!!
Junior Burger
RE: Fruit Float 2008/09/27 17:39:09
I too would like to know if it can be purchased anywhere or if there is a way to dupliate it.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Fruit Float 2008/10/06 12:02:21
You could try Vermont Country Store or Home Town Favourites,they both have websites. Vermont Country Store cares a lot of other things like Tangee Lipstick, Evening in Paris Perfume and other stuff as well.
However,I don't think Libby's makes it any more. Jello made a great mango jello, but it isn't made any more, unless just for the Mexican and South American markets.
maybe you could email Libby about the product.
RE: Fruit Float 2008/10/06 12:13:49
I found it!! You can get it at the old hooks musuem drugstore at the Indiana state fairgrounds...... They are open year round when the fair is not going. Check it out online also....