Overnight chili

2004/08/22 09:55:25
Does cooking chili then leaving it in the fridge overnight really improve the flavor? I like my food fresh and thick and if I was going to do this I would probally have to add some more liquid to stir it around when im reheating.
Filet Mignon
RE: Overnight chili 2004/08/22 11:30:46
I think it does and I don't see why you would necessarily have to add any liquid (unless you don't cover it which you should do) but it's no problem if you do have to add liquid.
RE: Overnight chili 2004/08/22 15:06:37
Some believe (as do I) that it helps the flavors meld. I think that chili gets even better if it's frozen for a day or so before serving, for the same reason.

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RE: Overnight chili 2004/08/22 16:53:51
The same may be said for most stews and even curry. The flavors blend and round out nicely if left overnight.