The Colorado Steakhouse chain

2004/08/28 23:35:08
Does anybody remember a chain called Colorado Steakhouse? I found a website at that listed two Indiana locations--Bloomington and Indianapolis (south side along US 31). I can remember a location 5-10 years ago up Merrillville way, also in Indiana. I also remember doing a web search and finding a location in Louisville, Kentucky. I believe there used to be one on Miamisburg-Centerville Road (OH 725) south of Dayton, Ohio, in the mid-late 1990s.

So what happened with this chain?
Junior Burger
RE: The Colorado Steakhouse chain 2004/12/12 23:14:52
My fiance works at the Colorado Steakhouse in Bloomington, so I know the story. The chain nearly went under awhile ago, and all the restaurants except the two in Indiana were closed. The two down here are owned by the same guy, but they are the only two left.