make White Castle sliders

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make White Castle sliders

"Crave on!" exclaimed vice president of White Castle Jamie Richardson as he signed off on an email exchange.
We bet you know what craving he’s talking about. It’s that mouthwatering thought of something small, something tender, and something that’s a perfect balance of meat, onion, bun, and pickle — it’s the White Castle slider craving. You don’t really need to say much more than that, because everyone understands. The mini burgers are so unique, original, and delicious that anyone who's enjoyed a White Castle slider can't help but take part in the slider-mania that has spread across the country in the form of restaurants, freezer staples, and even a Hollywood movie.
So what’s so good about them? Well, for starters, they’re the number-one menu item of the fast-food chain that only has 409 restaurants across the country, a far cry from many of the other popular chains. The unique and almost unattainable qualities of the sliders are what make them so special for so many people, and it’s why they crave them, love them, and try to make them themselves.
The story of the slider started back in 1921, when two Kansas folks, Walt Anderson and Billy Ingram, broke bread together. Anderson, a cook, wooed his insurance broker friend Ingram with one of his sandwich creations, a hamburger, and from there the idea of White Castle was born. With "castle" signifying strength and permanence, "white" was meant to signify purity, a counterargument to Upton Sinclair’s 1906 book The Jungle, which cast a negative and impure outlook on beef. White Castle’s popularity picked up immediately, and as the first-ever fast-food chain, their success and mission statement have remained constant through their years of business. "Convenience for customers and an incredibly [delicious] product they can’t get anywhere else," says Richardson, is what defines the company. In other words, desirability.

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Click here to see The Daily Meal's slideshow on making your own White Castle slider

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    Re:make White Castle sliders 2012/11/02 17:44:13 (permalink)
    I like White Castle! Unfortunately there are none in Canada. I have to go to Detroit to patronize a White Castle.
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    Re:make White Castle sliders 2012/11/02 18:27:30 (permalink)
    It has been soooooooooooooooooo many years since i have seen a White Castle!..Alas!   I have bought the frozen concoctions...............but a dismal second to the real thing
    That and Hash-browns that had about a half cup of butter ladle on them (not sure that was at WC, but something like it in the 60's)
    Two wonderful "tastes"......calories and medical conditions aside..............Perhaps gone.........not forgotten
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    Re:make White Castle sliders 2012/11/02 19:02:05 (permalink)
    Hash browns do not exist within the porcelain walls of White Castle.
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