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RE: pizza-by-the-pound 2008/02/13 13:57:10 (permalink)
The have salid, and olive bars, in grocerys around Dallas that sell by the ounce. Works for me.

I hate geting a pizza w/ skimpy toppings. This could be the cure?
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RE: pizza-by-the-pound 2008/02/13 14:17:16 (permalink)
Originally posted by leethebard

Oh please scorereader, be real.....

I'm being as real as you.

I'm glad it works in Italy. It's a cute little novelty, but I'm not interested. It reminds me of CiCi's. Small little slices. Bleack.
Besides, pizza in Italy is quite different from US pizza. Some Pizza in Italy is like foccacia bread. So, I can see why it works in italy. But I wouldn't expect a slice of Ray's pizza to be paid for by the pound. I'm only using Ray's as an example of NY style pizza - there's better, but it's a good example of the typical slice emporium pizza in NY. IMO,, pay by the pound for this type of pizza, would be a bad idea. As I said, Sicilian style or foccacia types of pizza might be different. But, since I eat NY Style almost exclusively, I'm not buying into it.

Nothing against Italy, or those who like buying pizza by the pound. Just not my cup of tea. Like I said, it also may largely be due to the fact that I equate paying food by the pound/ounce to be second rate lunch food, due to DC being a haven for those kind of lunch places.

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RE: pizza-by-the-pound 2008/02/23 09:57:32 (permalink)
That is the point,Papajoe. In Italy these places make their own creations with so many different great topings,you want a small piece of so many that pizza by the Kilo was the way to go.I tried so many I couldn't have by the slice. Had an all Mushroom pie with more than 6 kinds of mushrooms. An all pepper pie with peppers in every shade of the rainbow,including purple....Each place had different was pizza heaven!!!! I STILL say it's a great idea that would work in MANY locations here in the States.
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