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2006/01/19 23:29:48 (permalink)


So what is your preference. Hash browns with an option for kickass gravy and onions or a mountain of fried diced potatoes, green peppers, and onions seasoned just right...oh ya and some of them real crispy as they were at the bottom of the pile.

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    RE: potatoes 2006/01/20 05:36:48 (permalink)
    OK now in the breakfast fourm. Just hash browns w/onions no gravey. Save the gravey for my biscuts. Chow Jim
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    RE: potatoes 2006/01/20 09:11:25 (permalink)
    In my experience, here in New England gravy is rarely an option at breakfast. So I'll go for homefries with onions and peppers.

    Of course, in the barrios I'll go for beans and grilled toast.
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    RE: potatoes 2006/01/20 09:47:09 (permalink)
    I just like some noce crisp home fries, no onions peppers or gravy, just taters.
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    RE: potatoes 2006/01/20 09:51:51 (permalink)
    I still want grits! But, corned beef hash solves 2 issues. Meat and starch.
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    RE: potatoes 2006/01/20 14:57:32 (permalink)
    I like to microwave my potatoes and then dice them and then add onions, peppers, salt and pepper and fry them until they are brown and crispy.

    Paul E. Smith
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    RE: potatoes 2006/01/20 15:07:02 (permalink)
    HOMEFRIES with lots of butter and onions, fried to crispy Deliciousness! Hold the peppers, please.
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    RE: potatoes 2006/01/20 15:39:34 (permalink)
    My husband likes sausage gravy on his hashbrowns. I had never heard of that until I met him. But then again, I didn't grow up with any sort of sausage gravy on anything, ever. Gravy from everything else, but never sausage and no gravy at breakfast.

    I've learned to love biscuits and gravy now.

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    RE: potatoes 2006/01/20 16:49:36 (permalink)
    I stopped in this lil hole in wall cafe in some lil town tween here and a friends place in Madison Ga. (It was definately rural Ga.) I liked the looks of what one of the diners was eatin an so thats what ah ordered. Small diced potatoes fried with diced peppers and onions then covered in white sausage gravy that was to die for! Ah side of cheese grits, stack of white toast and a bottomless sweettea. YOu don't get the likes of that meal at IHOP or Waffle House but unfortunately the last time I went by the place looked closed down....
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