potato/fries/steaks questions

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2006/12/29 22:36:26 (permalink)

potato/fries/steaks questions

Anyone out there who owns/manages a restaurant offer mashed potatos on the regular menu?

I know they are time consuming. I was wondering if you can buy them so they are already mashed and you just have to cook them?

Also, at places like Applebees, Logans, and I think TGIF and Ruby Tuesday they have their fries a little spicy. Does anyone know if they buy them like that or do they put something on them? They are so good though i'm just wondering.

Also, I think that one of the harder things to cook are steaks because it's hard to get it just right time after time after time. Do you do anything special to have your cooks cook them perfectly?

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    RE: potato/fries/steaks questions 2006/12/30 08:51:53 (permalink)
    finished mashed potatoes don't hold very well, they tend to become dry and crumbly after about an hour on the steam table. where i worked years ago, we went through a >lot< of potatoes so we always had boiled unpeeled potatoes in our cooler. when someone ordered mashed, the pre-cooked potatoes would be reheated in hot water for a few minutes, then peeled and mashed fresh with butter and milk, roasted garlic etc.. usually about 2 orders worth at a time.

    i think most of the chains use frozen fries that are coated with a light batter that has the spices in it, this is so that they will cook up crispy without using hydrogenated shortening. some places use old bay on their fries, personally i like a good garlic salt. :)

    we cooked our steaks on a flat grill along with everything else, so it was just a matter of keeping the griddle at the proper temperature and always use an accurate timer and grill thermometer. all of our meat came from the supplier in very consistent portions (thickness), so it wasn't too hard to come up with accurate times for rare, medium, etc.
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    RE: potato/fries/steaks questions 2006/12/30 09:26:18 (permalink)
    Many many years ago while working at a steak house they tought us the trick of pressing on the pad of your hand to tell rare, med and well. You start at the base of your thumb, with your hand loosely open, and work towards the index finger. Perhaps not an exact science but it works pretty well
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    RE: potato/fries/steaks questions 2006/12/30 10:44:17 (permalink)
    We use a lot of homemade mashed potatoes. Do NOT buy the pre-made mashed potatoes from your distributor; too expensive & no taste.

    We boil a large pot of peeled potatoes every day (anyone with free time peels potatoes for the next day). We make our mashed potatoes with real butter, cream, salt & pepper. We hold only enough mashed potatoes on the steam table for the meal. If we run out, we nuke a small batch.

    Do you make your own gravy? Too many restaurants ruin their excellent homemade mashed potatoes by using a gravy mix.

    The chains are buying their fries pre-coated.
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