"STICKY FINGERS" bbq>Any good>?

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Re:"STICKY FINGERS" bbq&gt;Any good&gt;? 2009/04/22 11:21:45 (permalink)
This thread has been dormant for a long time but I was so thoroughly unhappy I thought I'd try to save some one else a trip.
This is for the Sticky Fingers closest to I-85 in Greenville, SC.  I could say a lot, but the biggest problem is that a BBQ place that offers multiple rubs and five sauces has no soul.  Doesn't matter whether it is a chain or not. 
Go to a local place.  Go to any other place.  Forego BBQ if you have to.  Pay no attention to the "awards" they have won.  Lots of people have already said something similar but it is worth repeating.  Presumabley applies to all units in this chain. 
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RE: "STICKY FINGERS" bbq&gt;Any good&gt;? 2009/04/24 10:56:37 (permalink)
I don't find the bbq at Sticky Fingers offensive at all.  I've only eaten at the original owner's restaruants so I don't know how the franchise units are.

It's funny someone said something about the ribs being like Chilis or Longhorn...the standard crap ribs you get at chain restaurants.  I'll have to disagree with that.  These other places usually boil the ribs until way overdone (you know...the famous "fall of the bone" tenderness).  SF doesn't do that.  Give them props for actually smoking their ribs the correct way.

It's expensive, but what chain restaurant isn't?
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RE: "STICKY FINGERS" bbq&gt;Any good&gt;? 2010/01/17 22:41:43 (permalink)
I went to SF in Chattankoga over the weekend and I was very pleased with my whole experience.  My kids wanted to go so I did not want to disappoint but the food was outstanding, both the ribs and the bbq.  I had the half ribs and bbq and I thought both were outstanding.  Service was good as well.
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