sick soups

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Donna Douglass
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RE: sick soups 2008/02/02 10:58:48 (permalink)
Just to toss in my two cents worth here......I use Kitchen Basics boxed stocks exclusively. I like that brand better than the other two most popular. It is so handy to keep on hand in the pantry and then in the fridge, using only what is needed at any one time.

Also, we love Dei Fratelli tomato products among which is their tomato soup. We do buy that a lot especially when it is on special, ten cans at a time. Think it is far superior to other cream of tomato soups. We buy mostly Progresso soups, but may make a change and try the Campbell Select soups for awhile. Haven't tried them before. And I make our own cream soups occasionally, i.e., broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus. Soups are a mainstay here in our kitchen, whether we are sick or well. So far, this is the second winter we have been colds free. Hope that trend continues.

Viva la soup!!!!!

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RE: sick soups 2008/02/02 16:36:07 (permalink)
Donna knows what she is talking about with the Kitchen Basics stock. It is a high quality item with very little sodium compared to competing brands. Kitchen Basics may cost a little more, but is worth it as the soup you make is only as good as the stock you start out with. If one wants their soup saltier, add it to taste. Salt can always be added but never subtracted from a dish. I wish the mainstream soup manufacturers could learn this little lesson.

As for Campbell's and Progresso ready made soups, each have their advantages and disadvantages. In my experience Progresso does a better job with tomato based soups. Campbell's is a mystery to me. They seem to be going in two directions at once with their product line. I have not and will not try Campbell's "Loaded Soups" with the appropriate black label...the only thing missing from this label is a skull and crossbones. Campbell's is trying to make better soups in their low sodium line, however. A favorite with me is Campbell's Chunky Reduced Sodium Chicken & Sausage Gumbo.

For the most part I make up my own soups out of good stock and believe good soup can both prevent illness and cure illness. Soup is light and easily digestible, well made soup is nutrient rich and low in empty calories, perfect for someone suffering from an illness. It is also perfect for healthy people wanting to remain healthy.

Thank you Donna for inspiring me to write a bit more on this topic. Maybe I am just lucky or maybe it is the soups I love, but it has been well over a decade since I have had a cold.
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RE: sick soups 2008/02/02 16:37:47 (permalink)
Originally posted by salindgren

Okay Hoffman, give me an address and I'll ship you some mushroom soup.

Except Michael is allergic to mushrooms
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RE: sick soups 2008/02/03 19:09:13 (permalink)
Many years ago I used to love Heinz tomato soup when I was ill, now I can't stand the stuff or any other canned soup except the occasional use of a Campbells condensed for a base for pie filling or sauce. I really really love making home made soups. I always freeze some down when I make any kind of soup so there is usually a choice of 3-5 different kinds in the freezer.

If I am ill then it's either hm veg and lentil or chicken soup. I have really odd tastebuds at that time and can't stand eating anything creamy or very " meaty " when unwell. I agree with Greyghost about using good commercial stock base. My absolute " can't do without " ingredient in that line is Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder. Makes great good tasting stock for just about any soup, isn't laden with chemicals, comes in different varieties inc. reduced salt and organic, and I'll usually adjust even made from scratch stocks with a few pinches at the end.

The poster that was wondering what soups roasted chillies would be good with - I've found sweet veg soups such as carrot & coriander, squash, and sweet potato soups benefit from a touch of chili - it seems to compliment the sweetness somehow. I have only used fresh chilli or chilli flakes in these soups before now but I imagine roasted chillies would be delicious. I also imagine they would be good for colds too - a good hit of onions and/or garlic, the chillies and a couple of other warming spices, the veg and some fresh herbs at the end - mmmm ! a nice healthy uncomplicated soup for the poorly person, methinks I need to make some soon !

Also, I always thought that you only added salt at the end of making stock in order not to overseason it in the cooking, as the flavours would intensify as the stock cooked and reduced ? I don't think it has any effect on the clarity of it
Vince Macek
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RE: sick soups 2008/02/03 19:31:33 (permalink)
The Honto Chinese restaurant in Chamblee, GA had (has?) a congee that's great medicine - a hot rice porridge with delicate flakes of fish, and just enough ginger to clear the sinuses. Chamblee's kind of a distance for me though - even when I'm not sick.
Ort. Carlton.
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RE: sick soups 2008/02/04 22:46:25 (permalink)
Originally posted by lleechef
I hate soup too. Was sick as a dog for nearly 2 years. And I still hate soup.

(FINALLY I get to respond to you once again!)
Gee, is THAT where you keep your socks?
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P. S. Mine are in the (ahem!) fragrant filing cabinet, filed under "z" (for "zox!").
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RE: sick soups 2008/02/04 22:50:08 (permalink)
Originally posted by shortchef
When I have a cold, the best thing I have found is hot and sour soup, available at any Chinese restaurant. The hotter, the better. Clears up your sinuses better than Roto Rooter!

Shortchef; Dearfolk,
Blenheim's Old # 3 Hot Ginger Ale is my personal sinus-opener. Works like a charm. WHEW!
A Part Of Pop Culture, Ort. Carlton in No-More-Budwine Athens, Georgia.
P. S. Blenheim is from Hamer, South Carolina. It is still made with the... um... intense mineral water from Blenheim, South Carolina. If you drive through that little town, you can stop in and taste it for yourself.
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RE: sick soups 2008/02/11 20:27:54 (permalink)
Ort, I didn't think anyone outside of these parts had heard
of blenheim ginger ale..I heard a couple of brothers had it,
would make up a batch, and then get drunk until the money ran out,
then make another batch! I think they got bought out years ago though.

Anyway, back to soups...

easiest...Campbells tomato or chicken noodle loaded with as much pepper
as you can possible stand....serve hot and keep your face over the bowl
while you eat....breath the steam.

also, as many have stated, hot and sour soup, delivered by many Chinese wonders.

now...I've done a lot of reading on this over the years, and yes I got a cold

bought one whole cut up chicken and a pack of thighs...covered with waters and
simmered for 4 another stock pot, threw in a bunch of carrots with tops,
stalk of celery, and bag of quartered onions, and a minimum of 10 cloves of garlic,
I like more.

Garlic has antibiotic and antiviral activities. It's also an expectorant, so it helps you cough up stubborn bacteria that are languishing in your lungs. Onion, another common ingredient in chicken soup and a close relative of garlic, also has antiviral properties.

If you have peas, they are good source of zinc, add em, I didn't have any this time.

Other ingrediants that will help a lot are ****ake mushrooms...I don't make stock with those
but add at the end for soup..parsley and parsnip.

once the chicken stock has finished, let it cool, strain and remove as much
meat as possible. Reserve the meat. Split the stock into 2 large containers.

Strain the vegetable stock and keep as much onion, carrot and other large vegetables
as possible for the soup. Split the stock into the 2 large containers with the
chicken stock.

Add the meat and veggies into one pot...this is your what you want to flavor it.

I'm more concerned with the other stock, just stock. Start adding black and cayenne
pepper to it, heat, add half a stick of butter (maybe more if you're dealing with
over a gallon of stock, and I was), flavor with some wooschestershire sauce, sage and
thyme, and reduce it slightly. This is your drink for the next few days.

Keep a pot on the stove and pour it into a coffee cup. Drink it all day long.
It soothes the throat, opens the nasal passages, doesn't upset your stomach,
gives you vitamins and nutrients you need. Now I add hot sauce and extra pepper
to the point where most people couldn't drink it, but remember when you're sick,
you can't taste as much....get as much as you can in there and sip it, keeping it
hot....put it in the microwave if needed.

I am not a doctor or anything like that, and there is no cure for the common cold,
but this is easy, and works wonders for me with the symptoms.

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RE: sick soups 2008/02/11 20:49:54 (permalink)
Chinese sick soup is made with black chickens (the skin is black, not the meat).
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