summertown tenn/commune food

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2009/10/15 01:58:39 (permalink)

summertown tenn/commune food

saw that todays place is from summertown tenn, also the site of obe of the largest and still thriving`hippie' communes from the sixties and seventies.I spent some time there in the summer 0f 77,made tofu in big vats and saurkruat as well...rememeber the food being hearty, esp the bread..anybody else spend time on communes way back when and want to chime in???

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    Re:summertown tenn/commune food 2009/10/15 07:36:28 (permalink)
    yep--LOTS of them--and MOST of them had no idea how to cook!--actually spent some time at "The Book Farm" in Marin--Stephen Gaskins place before they all went off in search of a new home and ended up in Tennesse---i wired the barn that housed the press that gave the place its name. For those of you who missed it--or cant remember it!--Stephen Gaskin was the "Guru"-professor from SF State that held the "Monday Night Class" at the of Family Dog (Chet Helms' rock and roll venue).(btw-their most famos dish then waqs tea---made with that funny little grenn spineless cactus!!) He and his 'Family" all moved into some fabulous old bused and trucks and went off in search of a home finally settling in Summertown Tenn.
    I have to add that after yrs of hippie cuisine i didnt care if i ever saw another plate of brown rice and vegies again!!!!! ---but--i did cook with the "Diggers" in SF and the bread was wonderful!
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    Re:summertown tenn/commune food 2009/10/15 08:42:30 (permalink)
    We had a meeting at this place a year ago. About 12 Roadfood members wandered in during the lunch period. It was a busy weekend day during Tennessee's deer season and this place is a hunter's processing plant as well as a BBQ stand and Meat market. There was a pile (literally) of about 12 deer outside the back door awaiting butchering.  Here is a photo that didn't make the first report of our visit. Interesting, but it didn't contribute to the BBQ appreciation overall!!

      We got mixed reviews from the attendees regarding the quality of the BBQ served. Overall the result was positive, but most thought that they would only return if the location happened to be on their route of travel.
      Here's a link to the report on that visit. Go to Page three about halfway down to find the photo report of the get-together.

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    Re:summertown tenn/commune food 2009/10/15 15:55:28 (permalink)
    Sorry do not post here but the farm has changed since you being there.
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    Re:summertown tenn/commune food 2009/10/15 16:03:54 (permalink)
    I don't know Al. That photo looks delicious to me.
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