the melting pot

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RE: the melting pot 2012/06/08 10:43:37 (permalink)

Although it has been several years, I like The Melting Pot.  It really is an excellent place to take a date.

I once had a first date at The Melting Pot with a beautiful psychologist and she told me that I was the most well-adjusted man she had met since she moved to Pittsburgh.  Which doesn't say too much about the men she had met so far. 

BB, you do have a point here:  there is something more than mere cuisine involved when one takes a date to a place where you play with your food. 
My all-time favorite in this regard is The Marrakesh in Washington, DC ( ).  There you are able to choose dimly-lit seating on the floor with pillows and to be served sans utensels.  Add alcohol, and voila .
ann peeples
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RE: the melting pot 2012/06/09 14:29:10 (permalink)
I have been to the Melting Pot. Once. While a fun time, I thought the portions( shrimp) were tiny, the beef a poor quality, and fantastically expensive. Maybe I have higher standards, but for that money I would go to my favorite steak joint, which is $ 40.00 per steak-but 16 ounces, a great salad, bread and the old fashioned relish tray.
Ahi Mpls.
Double Cheeseburger
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RE: the melting pot 2012/06/10 01:08:45 (permalink)
  My server pals and I used to go here quite often after our shifts, 
 The "Traditional" cheese fondue for 3 with extra boiled potatoes and apples was $23.45. 
 PLENTY of food for 4-5 folks. 
  (and the waiter will bring you an extra shot of Kirsh if you ask)  
  The rest of the food, Nah.
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RE: the melting pot 2012/08/06 16:00:41 (permalink)
I do like The Melting Pot.  It is quite simply something you won't be finding just about anywhere else.  Something very unique and specific unto itself.
Not cheap by any means, but a fun treat.
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RE: the melting pot 2012/08/09 16:26:15 (permalink)
I find it time consuming and expensive for a regular meal, but for a date I can see the charm - gives you a lot of time to talk. 
Andrea who has been off of the dating wheel for quite some time. 
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