How much for a damn good Burrito?

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2005/08/08 01:18:39 (permalink)

How much for a damn good Burrito?

i witnessed this situation at a mall's foodcourt today. scenario was.......
customer (a big-sized male): what comes with the burrito?
server: burrito comes with rice, beans, your choice of meat and other condiments over the other side.
customer: okay. i want rice, beans. can i have both chicken and steak?
server: yes you may sir, we'll give you half and half.
customer: yes. half and half.
server: would you like cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo?
customer: yes. everything.
server: what about your salsa? spicy, medium or mild?
customer: give me spicy and a some of the medium corn.
server: any lettuce sir?
customer: yes more of it please.
server: will that be all sir?
(by this time, i was wondering if the server was able to wrap up the stack)
customer: wait....can you add the ground beef in there too?
server: yes sir, but the extra meat will be extra charge.
customer: yes, no problem. and i want the guacamole in it too.
server: our guacamole is of fresh avacado, it's $1.25 for 2 scoops. will that be okay for you sir?
customer: yes, please add them.
(server adds all that customer asked for and i have to take my hats off for the server...he managed to wrap the whole works within that 13" tortilla without any spillings nor bursts" />)
server: any drinks for you sir?
customer: a medium coke please.
server: that will be a total of $9.03 sir.
customer: who owns this place here? how can you charge nine bucks for a burrito?

duuuhhhh......i was flabbergasted with this guy" />... for all that he wants and he is complaining about the price he has to pay, which was just nine bucks plus a drink too? geez... that burrito he got would have been enough for my lunch and dinner and maybe supper too!
good thing the server was so cool and patient, just flashed a smile and swiped the credit card which was rudely thrown to him.

guess it's juz too hard to please every one every time. hope it was a great weekend for all out there!

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