Salt Lake City Utah Mexican Food - The BEST

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Salt Lake City Utah Mexican Food - The BEST

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Hey all,

I've added this to two different forums here at Roadfood, because dammit, I love this food, and nobody who lives or has visited SLC is coming through with the news. Having just moved from a couple years in a town of 30,000 with no road in or out, I appreciate great food, and THIS is the real deal. And I have conflicting feelings. I don’t want to make this anymore of a "hip" place, because that just means more wait time, but, at the same time, I know the people who own it and they honestly DESERVE to have this place spoken off on a forum such as this. It is Great. Anyway, back to my review of this place which I just posted in the "regional forum"

I’ve been reading Roadfood since I was planning a road trip of the county two years ago. I have recently moved here to the Salt Lake City area 4 months ago (Bountiful, 10 minutes north of SLC) but, having family here, I've been visiting for years. As a result of living/visiting here, talking to people and trying it out for myself, what bothers me is the lack of respect and admiration for the RED IGUANA. I've lived here 4 months, and I've been to the Iguana, (RED, not green, iguana wise there are two here), on average, twice every week. The place is the best Mexican food I’ve ever had. My brother (Mormon) went to Mexico, and then the southwest for his Mission; THIS is the best Mexican food HE has ever had. It's a small family run place, but as is evident by the number of people waiting outside the joint every day, it’s well worth the wait. Great staff, which are ridiculously personable and ready to help. Again, to reiterate, what’s most important is the quality of the food, which is Amazing. Plus, a rarity in SLC, they serve quality beers and hard liquor. For family, friends or even a night alone, you'd be hard pressed to find a better Mexican joint, food or atmosphere, in Utah, much less the west. And yes, after spending 500-1000 dollars there a month, the owners gave my brother a t shirt and treat him like family, but hey, here it's about the food, the friendship, I’ve eaten Mexican from Alaska (where I’m from…Juneau, AK) to Oceanside to Key West to New York and THIS is the Great place.

Don’t believe the hype… just go:

-G Kelly

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