Cop'z Ket, a cont. saga.......

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2005/10/03 16:20:33 (permalink)

Cop'z Ket, a cont. saga.......

Lookie what I just got YESTERDAY!!!!!!!

A COPPER-MOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a quick update:

This is the Barbie Trailer (Dreamz and Bass [:P] ) It now has shiny Black wheels like the Copper-mobile will have very soon. Just not enough time for updated photo, how slack Copper!!!

Since I last posted about the Barbie trailer, I realized how small it was and began searching for a haulin' trailer for fridge, freezer and supplies. Most I found were $3,000, and you could not stand up in them. I knew I needed REAL prep space and storage so I lucked upon this "Baby". The back lift don't hurt my feelins' none, either. I am installing metal closet organizers that are adjustable on each side. There should be room for a prep table in the center if need be. I have power strips to put in the Step-side to run everything needed off the temp pole being put at location AS WE SPEAK!!!!!!

The Step-side has the capacity to pull the Barbie trailer, but I can't figger out how to mount a trailer hitch on a vehicle with a back lift, anybody know? Don't matter that much cos Eatin (Barbie) trailer is to stay at location (THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO GAVE ME GREAT ADVICE ON SECURITY MEASURES) and my scrawny self is quite happy with the lift, been playin on it all day!

This is the Captain's chair (only one) but I'm happy with the set up because I plan to pull it right behind the Barbie trailer (passenger side to Barbie trailer exit). I have one step up into the Step-side and am in prep area. The back lift will be used to complete the order, I can raise it to counter level for the customer, and use to load and unload supplies in off-time.


You know my initial signs are ready .......

And I have a huge stepside to airbrush and advertise the Biz.
WHAT YA'LL THINK??????????

Here's a side view of one of the picnic tables I rescued from the landfill (brand new total of three, one angle brace board missing on each). Of course at the moment its serving as a wash station for items to large to fit in the kitchen sink, put eventually they will be covered in red & white checked plastic tablecloths. The tables & cloths are for catching the eye as much as anything else (hoping to add more red umbrellas later). Thank God it was a lovelerly day to wash and scrub.

I owe thanks to so many people that I cannnot count them all.

Just a few:
V960 I hear you on the "tipping" subject. My plan is to tell folks I work for a really mean old witch (true), and I will constantly complain about being overworked and underpaid (hopefully NOT true). Tears available upon request, kiddin of course but who knows?

RedGreene Yes, I tried the loosemeat recipe you so generously supplied to me, and took Dreamz advice and checked out the Lubi thread. I have come up with a secret recipe (of course) and will call it the "Copperhed". Thanks Redgreene and Dreamz!

Most of all, I thank Roadfood, which has put me in touch with so many generous folks I cannot name them all. I owed you guys an update at the very least.......
OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

Here's an idea for the t-shirts I will wear and sell if anyone asks (I know this is a countin yer chickens before....kinda thing, but thought it was "catchy"). I know its amateur and not finished, but you get the idea? If this is advertising, mods, I didn't mean too. (bats eyelashes at Mayor and Sundance). No, seriously.

Here it is:

Thanks again my pals,


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