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Howdy from MFU Espresso Truck

I've been lurking on this forum, enjoying all the posts and tips, and just registered this morning.

In a couple weeks I'll be picking up a truck I've had customized for Espresso and Smoothies. Plan Review passed with flying colors in the home county, will start here but plan to spread out. I have 2 venue plans: music festivals; dog and horse shows; auctions, promotions and all kinds of special events on the weekends - then construction sites on weekdays. My county is under heavy development, and townhouse/condo sites are literally right next to each other. I've been in construction and maintenance all my life, so I speak the lingo ("#@!!&*%!!!") and this is my mid-50's career change.

I'm pushing a "gourmet-organic" approach especially for the weekend activities, and get a little looser for the construction activity, microwaving BBQ sandwiches and Burritos, expecting to pour more "Americanos" than "lattes."

I'm in Southeast Pennsylvania, and will do most all my business around here, but I already have a commissary and location in Panama City, FL for the Spring Break, and just heard about a week long Bluegrass Festival in Tennessee. Campin' and vendin' sound good to me. Plus Tunes!

So, I'm just chuckin a thread out here, see if anyone wants to mention anything at all about coffee, special events, Mobile Food Unit bits, travel, construction sites, whatever. We all work different niches, but whether it's burgers, fries, coffee, smoothies, etc, we're pretty much in the same field. Hope for replies, I've learned a lot from this forum, with special thanks to Cowboy Bob, JoJoBeans, CornDogQueen, Uncle Vic and many others. Love a forum with so many cool handles.

Best, Ed

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