The Chocolate Shake, Perfection?

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The Chocolate Shake, Perfection?

Hello everyone. This is my very first post after lurking around here for some time. I must say that this site has been immensely helpful to me, and I hope my posts (and your replies) will add something invaluable to this site.

For a little information, I am in the planning process of opening a traditional burger joint (burger, fries, and shakes only, if you please). As a simple beginning I would like to share one subset of recipes at a time (varying on what my interests are at that time) to get the ‘perfect’ item in its respective category (burger, fry or shake).

In this particular post I would like to go over what has been striking my fancy as of lately, the chocolate shake.

Obviously, if anyone here has any original, or not spoken of ideas, I would love to hear them. But first, I guess, I should say what I think a chocolate shake should be, and this is where the problem for me exists. When it comes to other foods (pommes frites, for example) there is a traditional recipe that produces what is generally considered the best fry. When it comes to the chocolate shake though, I find there are two schools of thought. The first shake is what you would generally find at a good ol’ mom and pop place: vanilla ice cream, milk and chocolate flavored syrup. The other (and generally considered the more gourmet of the two) consists of the same vanilla ice cream, milk (but less than the first shake) and a chocolate ganache.

For the life of me I can’t decide which is the better of the two. So, here are the basic generic recipes for each (both can have more or less milk added depending on how thick or thin you preference is):

Mom and Pop Chocolate Milkshake

4 scoops vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup of milk
3 tablespoons chocolate flavored syrup

Gourmet (for a lack of words) Chocolate Milkshake

4 scoops vanilla ice cream
¼ cup of milk
¼ cup chocolate ganache

(For those who don’t know, a simple chocolate ganache can be made by bringing 8-ounces of heavy cream to a boil and then combining to an equal amount of bittersweet chocolate, and mixing until smooth, and then letting it cool to room temperature. At this point it can be covered and stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.)

As an aside, I would say I prefer the version made with the chocolate ganache, but most people can’t stand up to such a strong taste of chocolate (and it probably doesn’t help that they’ve grown up on hershey’s syrup (shutter).

Would anyone with a love of shakes mind trying these recipes when they get a chance and giving me their honest opinion? Or if you consider yourself a guru of chocolate shakes, let me in on your technique!


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