Divulging the Dog...There Ought to be a Law

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2006/02/19 03:04:49 (permalink)

Divulging the Dog...There Ought to be a Law

As a Hot Dog fancier, it really sticks in my craw when a purveyor of the Noble Frankfurter fails or refuses to identify the brand of Hot Dog he or she is selling. I always want to know. It’s what I do. I also want to know the size, but I won’t push it.

Actually, it all seems a little Medieval in this Age of Information…hiding what kind of food product you expect us to ingest. I mean, it has been a while since Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle.” Some sellers even get angry if you ask…like there’s some unwritten code of the Hot Dog Fraternity against giving away the secret.

On the other hand, many proudly display what type they sell. It’s more often than not good for business. They’re proud of their offering, maybe pay a little extra for the brand name recognition, and are glad to associate with it. It’s what the vendor’s umbrella is all about. It’s shouting out, “Look, I sell Sabrett, or Vienna Beef, or Hebrew National, or Best’s, etc. I’m a Good Guy. It’s All Good. I’ve Nothing to Hide!”

When a seller of Tube Steaks is secretive, or looks askance when I dare ask what it is I’m about to purchase for consumption, I’m put off. The brand might be fine. But just the fact that they don’t care to take me into their trust is a turn off. What else shouldn’t I know?

It’s just good form to be open and above board when dealing with foodstuffs. Though, admittedly, for me the interest is also academic. Whereas Henry Higgins could tell a person’s geography by their dialect, I like to dabble in the descent of the dog...its heritage, lineage, and content of character. And knowing from whence emanates a Frankfurter is key to honing that knowledge.

On a much more basic plane, some folks don’t eat pork; others don’t eat beef, etc. There are dietary considerations of every variation. Hence, it is my contention there ought to be a law. If I ask what brand of hot dog you sell, you have to tell me true.

Do you agree, or would you prefer the seller keeps it to himself?
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