Just Musing on a sunday

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2006/03/19 10:50:14 (permalink)

Just Musing on a sunday

How many times did you want to eliminate an item from your menu and just when you decide to do that, you get 3 or 4 orders for it in a row. I was going to get rid of chicken tenders, and guess what? I had orders for 6 pcs.
How many times did people order from you, and when you gave it to them, they said I wanted two of them.
My biggest problem is that my fan is so loud that I can't hear ordering right. So next week I'm putting a ordering pad outside my window and tell them to write their order down. Hey while I'm at it fill in the prices too! I could concentrate on just cooking then
Also. when a customer orders fries, do you tell them . .5 or 6 minutes, 4 minutes for a Cheese Steak? Now keep in mind you are serving from a window and not a sit down or mickey dees type place.
If you are alone do you wait and prepare one order at a time. do you write every thing down or try to memorize everything?

Wow! my head hurts with all of the above. I'll will be 65 this June, am getting tired of doing it alone. Had a girl once, paid her 8.00 an hr. but she would steal 20 to 40 dollars a day. got rid of her. I do it all alone. so wait your turn buddie. You know you can get very nasty and pissed at As-holes very easy. I tell some never to come back, I don't need as-holes. My business doesn't suffer. If anything my business is growing. My business does over 000,000.00 a year and my books are always open to Govt officials, I pay my fair share taxes. I work smarter, by charging the right price. example buy a soda for 35 cents and sell for $1.25, yes you can get it else where cheeper, so go there, you are here now. A hot dog costs w/bun 25 cents, you sell for 1.50. Most of you pureists would hate my place, because I believe the microwave was the greatest invention ever. Why do I nuke all hot dogs first? so they are hot inside and grill them on outside. they look great and tastes great too. this is how you can speed up your operation. use your microwave, often. I have 2 of them, great time savers, my customers really don't know how I cook their food but only know it tastes great.
Well I'm going now. Later Cowboy Bob 2 in PA

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