Gathering wild fruit, nuts, etc

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Gathering wild fruit, nuts, etc

I saw a post a few minutes ago relating to diminishing fruits, etc. What came to mind was down the street from my house are a couple of persimmons. I alway gather a couple of bags of them each season if I can beat the crows, squirrels, ants and other hungry varmits. Makes a great bread and pudding. One piece of advice regarding persimmons. Let them get real ripe before tasting. If you do not, it will improve your pucker power I understand possums like them also.

Then I thought about the blackberry harvest now in session around Knoxville. I alway look forward to my first wild blackberry cobbler with a little cold sweet cream whipped of course. Blackberry picking can be hazardous to your health. One of the meanest insects in the world and possibly one of the smallest tends to inhabit the blackberry thickets and that would be the chigger. Folks up north may not be away of them and if you have never experienced them, you are missing something. The buggers bite you and you don't see them and they will deliver agony for at least six days. Department of defence ought to raise them on a farm and drop them on portions of Iraq and Afghanistan. That would cause them to reexamine their priorities. I have also found copperheads around the thickets, but they tend to be nocturnal. Does that mean it is against their rules to bite during the day

I have already got all the Morels I can get dadgum it.

I hope the walnut harvest is good this fall. I really enjoy the nutty different taste. The rascals sure make nut extraction difficult. There is a street up from me that has little traffic on it and they always run over the walnuts and you can pick them up with the staining husk off of them. I let them dry in the garage for several months. I use to do the same with some huge hickory nuts, but they are really work to extract.

I am sure that there is a huge variety available in other parts of the country. I would appreciate knowing the wild harvest available in your part of the good ole USA.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN

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