Sunday Roast Chicken @ The Mariner's

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Sunday Roast Chicken @ The Mariner's

For 20 odd years, or more, I have been roasting chickens on Sunday about once a month. One of the specialties of the house !!!! I got the recipe from a client whose chicken dinner was super. The other day Publix had a sale on Mr. Perdue's Oven stuffers. This was in honor of Norte Dame whooping Purdue Saturday. I bought a good sized bird, which was much too big for me----so I chopped it in half. One half went into the crock pot and made a great chicken soup, and the other half became the Sunday Special.

This is a very simple and easy recipe and has never failed me. I have given Mrs. Devlin's (the client) recipe to at least 1000 hungry souls and never had a complaint. So here it is for whoever wants a great dinner that is simple to make and for which you have all the ingredients at hand.

Heat the oven to 400. Put one Idaho Baking Potato per person in the oven. Do not punch holes in the skin, but you can rub the skin with olive oil if you want. When they are done just give' em a wack like a karate chop and they will open and be white and fluffy and dee-lic-ious.

Wash the bird good and salt and pepper it inside and out. Remembering to remove the stuff in the bag in the cavity. I use the gizzard, heart, neck, etc in the soup and the livers for the appetizer (see below).

Melt 3 tablespoons butter in a cast iron fry pan big enough for the bird. When the butter is melted roll the bird around it in a couple of times --- lay it on it's side and put the pan (with the chicken) in the oven. After 15 minutes turn the chicken over on it's other side.

After i5 more minutes lay it on it's back for another 1/2 hour. Got that---left side, right side, back. Easy, huh !!!! I baste the bird every 5 minutes or so after it is on it's back. At the end of one hour the chicken is baked and the spuds are baked and the dinner is ready. If you want you can add a little white wine to the butter/chicken sauce, or you can just add a little water to make the gravy, I don't, but you can it's up to you. I love string beans with my chicken so they were steamed while the chick was being roasted.

By the way- the bonus. When I take the bird from the fridge I let it sit to come to room temperature. That is when I remove the stuff in the cavity. I cut the livers into bite size chunks and soak them in milk for about 1/2 hour. Then I wrap each chunk in bacon and stick a toothpick in 'em to hold them together. Then broil them for about 10 minutes per side-------great finger food with the before dinner cocktail. ------Cheers Old Chaps and Ladies as well !!!!

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