Out of the frying pan into a frying pan - no fire?

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2006/10/15 06:10:59 (permalink)

Out of the frying pan into a frying pan - no fire?


I appreciate all of the input to my post about the disfunctional situation I was in. I got a stomach virus, called probably 4 times a day (starting 3 hours before my am shift so that they would be able to call someone in) of which NONE of them supposedly got to the supposed manager. At least that's what she told me.

In the meantime I tentatively accepted an offer of a breakfast cook for a local cafe.

Can we say "eyewwww" boys and girls? It's a similarly disfunctional environment in a different sort of way.

Breakfast is a new venue for the mom and her son in law is the primary 'leasee' of the place and does the afternoon evening burgers, sandwiches and whatnot fare.

I get the decided feeling that she's cowed by him.

What is it with these friggin prima donna types? I UNDERSTAND getting your food out on the table, but...

Practically speaking: The prep table doesn't work. You have to haul ice in pans for the ingredients even though breakfast doesn't last nearly any length of the 4 hour rule.
They have a single 'freezer' that is an old ice cream chest freezer.
There is no dishing machine. everything is done by hand.
The oven/grill is a mess. I don't think it's been cleaned in years. They're using a flat grill that literally has an 8th of an inch of crud compacted on the surface. The oven in general is disgusting.

They may not like it, and they may even fire me for it, but I think I'm going to do some Malcome ass whooping. (the SIL)

It's being treated as two separate restaurants and is about a 20 table establishment. Not so bad in general, nasty when the fill up all at once.

So, when you are THE cook and come into a new kitchen what do you do?

What are your groundrules that you set? I am having a hard time with the server that has a hearing problem and I can't understand her writing. She also mumbles and I can't understand her most of the time with the fans. Is that my responsibility to figure it out or hers to write a little clearer?

(I pretty much already know what you're going to say but need to have someone else validate it...<grin>)


<in the mood to do some major ass whooping>


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