Day trip to DC area

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2003/08/12 00:12:44 (permalink)

Day trip to DC area

I had to go to Reston, Va. this morning for an 11:30 appointment. Since I was going by myself my food options were greatly expanded. W/O Picky Peggy along like she usually is for these day trips I get to pick. I had been planning on trying the sushi ayce for lunch place I know of in Fairfax. It is off of Fair Oaks about 3/4 mile from the Fairfax Pkwy. Sorry, I don't know the name.

After I had read the mention in a different thread about the Yorkshire rest. on hwy 28 in the older part of Manassas, Va. last night I made an executive decision that I wanted to go there. So I did.

The place is 4 miles South on 28 (Centerville road) from I-66. It is on the left hand side as you head South. You will need to be looking out for it a little bit. It mostly sits at a 90degree angle to the road.

I got there about 12:45 and the place was packed. I had to wait a few minutes to get a seat at the counter. There wasn't a sign saying seat yourself or wait to be seated. So I just kinda hung back until I saw the counter seat open up. The seat that was vacated was done so by a gentleman that walked behind the counter and helped himself to more ice from the machine and then more tea. I was at first concerned that he was using his bare hands to get the ice. He wasn't though, he was using a clear plastic scoop that was there for that purpose. I almost walked out when I first saw this.

Once he picked up his car keys I went and sat down, pushed his dirty plates towards the inside of the counter and wiped the crumbs off. Self serv, I didn't care. Pretty quick a person came over and cleared the dishes away and wiped the counter off with a rag. He asked what I wanted to drink and produced a menu.

They had a lot of good choices but I was wanting breakfast. I wound up ordering the Yorkshire special omelette. It consisted of ham, sausage, bacon, onions and peppers. It came with my choice of bread and home fries. The menu said the biscuits were home made and since I could get a side of gravy I decided on those. Unfortunately they had just sold out of gravy. I usually prefer shredded hash browns to home fries, but what the heck.

I was sitting in the middle of the counter area and seats on either side of me opened up. A couple other guys came in and asked if I would mind moving over. No problem, I switched to the inside end seat. They asked if I was new to the area, they said the place was almost always full of regulars. Told them no, I had heard about the place from a friend and had been in the area. They both ordered breakfast so I felt a little better. It was now about 1:10 PM. We talked some about the DC area and what we do.

The guy that had brought the menu I found out was the co-owner, he and his family own/run the place. Mom is 70 something and stills comes in every day to make the biscuits and a few other things. He and the other waittresses did a great job of keeping my tea glass full and they were very friendly.

My breakfast got there and here is this large omelette full of stuff, a large portion of home fries and 2 big biscuits. About the time that I get my plate doctored up with tabasco and ketchup my neighbors plate arrives and his has a piece of scrapple on it. I hadn't had any for years, so I asked for a side of it. They brought me a huge hunk, fried up nicely golden brown, like I had asked for it.

Then one of the gals brings out a small bowl of freshly made potato salad and starts eating it in front of me. It looks great too. So I ask for a side of it. So now I have this large omelette, home fries, 2 biscuits sans gravy, scrapple and potato salad. Plus about 4 glasses of tea. I'm in hog heaven.

The food was really good, the service was great and friendly. I was glad that my first thought to leave over the ice turned out not to be a problem. This is definitely a family run place where the locals go. The waittress with the potato salad told me that she and 3 other of the gals had been there for 20 years or more. The owner told me that he had thought about advertising what with all the new people in the area but then they were full almost all the time.

I will be going back here again, maybe even Thursday when I have to take Picky Peggy down to Fairfax. Even she will like this place, especially if we can get her biscuits and gravy.


Oh yeah, total cost of the food & drink? 7.95. Great deal!


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