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My setup

Well everyone seems to have their idea on a BBQGrill/whatever, so here is mine. I've been using a Kingsford branded oval kettle for about 12 years now. These same units are now sold as Patio Classic brand. The unit is a long oval in shape and I have found this to be very useful.

I use it for both grilling with direct heat and low&slow BBQ with indirect heat. I do several pork butts a year, 2 at a time and cook them for about 12 - 14 hours. I put about 15 Kingsford briquettes, on both sides and then fire up about 14 more in a chimney. When these are well lit I put half on each side to light off the others. Once I get both sides going well I will put on 2 or 3 chunks of well soaked hickory on both sides and then put on the butts.

Once I have the fire regulated to about 225 at the grill level I can go about 6 hours w/o opening the lid. I might make slight adjustments to the vents during this time but I don't always have to. I usually catch a nap. I use a Polder probe thermometer with the probe stuck through a potato on the cooking grill to monitor the temp at the cooking level. I try to average 225 and can come pretty darn close to that average.

I do brisket the same way, except I can only fit 1 large, fat on brisket at a time. I always buy the biggest brisket I can find.

After about 6 hours I add new briquettes that have been lit in my smokey joe and usually 2 more pieces of hickory chunks to each side, and finish cooking. If the meat is ready at about 12 hours I'm set. If not, I'll add a few more lit briquettes but not anymore hickory.

I will do ribs the same way but they go for 5 - 6 hours.

For grilling I pile the briquettes in front, light off a chimney full and when they are lit I'll dump them on top of the pile. Once they get going I spread them evenly over the fire grate and then put the cooking grate on. I let it get very hot then add the meat. I usually throw 1 or 2 chunks of hickory into the coals before adding the meat. Just a little extra smoky flavor.

My family and neighbors really enjoy my Q. I have 3 neighbors and they will get me to cook for them. If they want pulled pork the deal is that they bring 2 butts and a 6-pack. They get 1 butt back and we usually split the beer. If it is brisket they bring 1 brisket and the 6-pack. They get about 3/4th of the cooked brisket back and again we split the beer. For ribs, its 2 slabs and the usualy split. One neighbor that helps me out a lot usually gets freebies when I Q for the family. Our 2 families also like to grill together. They do the sides and I do the meat. The usual is ribeyes for the adults along with sausages, itialian, brats, or german and burgers or 'dogs for the kids. 4th of July though is always burgers and dogs and fireworks.

The wife, PickyPeggy, prefers "grilled" ribs. By grilled in this case I use direct heat but toned down to about 325. I cook the ribs for about 90 minutes to 2 hours. The last 20 minutes I will apply BBQ sauce. These aren't fall off the bone tender but we the family like them.

As to seasoning I use Pappy's seasoning from out of Fresno, Calif. It has salt, pepper and a whole lot of other stuff.


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