Road Trip! FL/GA/SC/NC/PA/MD +more! (Pics added)

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Road Trip! FL/GA/SC/NC/PA/MD +more! (Pics added)

The full trip report, including pictures begins midway through Page 2. Enjoy.

One of the great advantages to working at the box factory is that I get an insane amount of vacation time - more than I could realistically use. I decided to milk a few extra days out of my upcoming holiday break (said box factory closes from Christmas Eve through New Year's Day) and take a road trip. If you have suggestions on where to go and what to do while on the road, I am all ears. In addition to roadfood, I am also a fan of roadside attractions (the World's Largest Ball of Earwax, and goofy crap like that). I play things by ear when I travel, and I am not a huge fan of wintry weather, so things may get a little loosy goosy, but I would like to have some framework for travel, if possible. We can compare this thread to the trip report and see how well I stayed on task!

Just to get you in the[url='']spirit of the trip[/url]....

Day One - Friday, December 28 - Central Florida to Albany, GA
I am not sure if there will be an early stop in or around Orlando for lunch, or I will pack something from home. But, there could easily be dinner plans anywhere from Valdosta north to Albany sometime around 5 pm.

Day Two - Saturday, December 29 - Albany, GA to Columbia, SC or Charlotte, NC
Possible breakfast/lunch in Albany or reasonable driving distance from. Plans at 4 pm, so not too far. Dinner will be some time after 6 pm and will depend on how far I want to drive out of Albany towards either Columbia, SC or Charlotte, NC. For planning purposes, assume [url=',+GA&daddr=Charlotte,+NC&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=31.426353,59.765625&ie=UTF8&ll=33.155948,-81.320801&spn=4.147376,7.470703&z=7&om=1']this is the route.[/url] Any ideas would be welcome. I looked at the reviewed place in Milledgeville, but they are only open for lunch, and closed on Saturdays, so that doesn't help me! Where I overnight will depend on how tired I am for a drive that will begin after 6 pm from Albany.

Day Three - Sunday, December 30 - Charlotte, NC to Roanoke, VA to ???
Regardless of where I stay the previous night, I think I will do breakfast in Charlotte. It is a city that I haven't nearly enough time in, and I am told there are some excellent spots in CLT. I have a friend who lives in Roanoke who I plan to see on the way up north - stopping for either a late lunch or dinner. I may overnight there, or I may keep driving....not sure.

Day Four - Monday, December 31 - Roanoke, VA or ??? to Philadelphia, PA
This is the ultimate in loosy goosy days. I know that I have NYE plans in Philly or Atlantic City, but that is about all I know. If there is something worth stopping for notable along the path, I want to know about it. I have never driven this section of Virginia to PA.

Day Five - Tuesday, January 1 - Philadelphia, PA
I am told that I am going to the Mummers Parade, but that is all I know. I am also told that I may not be too sober to remember much.

Day Six - Wednesday, January 2 - Philadelphia, PA to Baltimore/Washington, DC/Richmond, VA??
I plan to get a late start out of Philly, perhaps grabbing a good breakfast, some pretzels, and who knows what else? I plan to swing down towards Baltimore and/or Washington, DC to (hopefully) meet up with my fellow Roadfooders from that vicinity - maybe signman and ol' Road Sign??? I smell some G&M crabcakes in my future here. I also plan on bringing a cooler to preserve some goodies on the way home!

Day Seven - Thursday, January 3 - Richmond, VA to Myrtle Beach/Charleston, SC
Assume the best - that I will leave from Richmond-ish and head towards South Carolina. I have a friend in Myrtle Beach - and I LOVE Charleston. I will stop at one or the other, but may not have time for both. Also, anything notable for a stop along the way?

Day Eight - Friday, January 4 - South Carolina to St. Augustine, FL
Depending on how I time this, I may be able to do breakfast in Chas, lunch at the Crab Shack on Tybee Island and still make it to St Augustine for 4 pm, which is the goal. Dinner in St Auggies - well, that's easy....O'Steen's for fried shrimp!!!

Day Nine - Saturday, January 5 - St Augustine --> Home!
Looking for a breakfast/lunch option in St. Augustine. Departing late afternoon/early evening. My plan, as of now, is to hit the Brickyard (finally) in Daytona for a burger. I may hold out until I get to Titusville for Dixie Crossroads, but I doubt it.

Other than the price of gas blowing my budget and winter weather making the roads treacherous, that is my plan. I am open to any and all suggestions.

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