Bad experience at Burt's Place

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2007/12/21 16:04:59 (permalink)

Bad experience at Burt's Place

I'm sorry to say, but our Burt's Place experience was a complete disaster.

After years of hearing this was the best pizza in Chicago, I was excited when I got the chance to take my two boys, ages 4 and 7, for dinner there (my wife was out with friends that night). We arrived at Burt's st around 6 on a Saturday and all the tables were full. No problem - we can wait. And wait. And wait.

For 10 minutes we waited by the door. The tables were still all taken - so there was no way we could be seated. But no server acknowledged our presence. We might as well have been invisible. Looking around the small room, I noticed that almost no one had their pizzas. They were waiting too.

Finally, a group of people at one table, one of the few who had actually received and eaten their food, got up and left. My kids were sick of standing around being ignored, so I decided we should all sit down. So we sat. And sat. And sat. No one came to clear away the dirty dishes. No one came to say, "Sorry- we're backed up but we'll get to you soon." The one waitress looked frenzied and when I tried to attact her attention by looking her in the eye from across the room, she immediately turned away. She walked right by our table to serve other patrons, ignoring us.

Hearing her take an order at another table and tell the patrons their pizza would take 40 minutes (we'd already been there 20 without being acknowleged), I packed up the boys and we left. We went down the street to Giordano's, where, within 20 minutes, we were enjoying our stuffed pizza.

Now maybe I should have stood up and said something to the waitress -sure - I could have been more forward. But I think it's the responsibility of a restaurant to approach its customers first, not vice versa.

And my kids were not misbehaving or acting up in any way, so I can't give the restaurant that excuse for treating us badly. I think they either plain don't want kids in the restaurant, or just are very poor at managing their establishment. As much as I'd like to sample the pizza (it looked wonderful on the other tables), I can't imagine going back anytime soon.

If anyone from Burt's wants to respond, I'd love to hear. This happpened in early October, by the way. I've been too busy until now to take the time to write.

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