An afternoon with bethgrd/cecif

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An afternoon with bethgrd/cecif

I wasn't really sure where to post this thread, since it really wasn't a trip for me. But.....

Last Saturday, one of my favorite Roadfooders, bethgrd, was in Pittsburgh visiting some friends. She was able to slip away for a few hours to hit some Roadfood spots with me.

Beth is actually the first fellow Roadfooder I met. Along with my cousin Johnny, we hung out together on the Massashusetts North Shore Roadfood bus tour in 2006.

We were scheduled to meet at the Primanti's down in The Strip District at 2:00PM. Knowing how crowded they can get, I arrived a few minutes early to grab a table. Beth arrived right on time and was fortunate enough to snag a rare parking spot right in front.

Since Beth wasn't all that hungry" />, we split a sandwich. My personal favorite Primanti's sandwich is the capicola.

As you can see by the cross section, they are famous for putting the fries and cole slaw right on the sandwich itself.

Now, I know Primanti's has been discussed many, many times here on the boards. For every person who loves them, I can find an equal amount of people who hate them. Personally, I like them, although I don't really eat here that often. Besides the capicola, the other ones I recommend are the hot or sweet sausage or wanderingjew's choice, the kolbassi. Their biggest selling sandwich, the cheesesteak, is a disappointment to me.

I can tell you that Beth seemed to enjoy her sandwich and ate her entire half. We also got an order of fries to nibble on,

but didn't eat too many, since I knew even better fries were waiting for us.

For people who come to Pittsburgh and do want to eat at Primanti's, please do yourself a favor and eat at the Strip District location. This is the original and is full of Roadfood charm, if you will. There are other ones throughout the city and suburbs and some of them have all the ambiance of an Applebee's. If you don't go to the one in The Strip, you aren't getting, for better or worse, the full experience.

One of the things I really like about the original location is a wonderful mural depicting famous Pittsburghers, from wrestling great Bruno Sammartino to Mr. Rogers.

Unfortunately, I have never been able to get a real good photo of it.

We took a quick walk down Penn Avenue to check out some of the other stores. Since it was raining slightly, some of the usual push carts weren't out. Our first stop was in the wonderful Enrico Biscotti. But as usual, I was too entranced by the wonderful smell and the delicious baked goods to take any photos. I did buy a half dozen assorted biscotti and some of their incredibly rich buckeyes. Here is a photo I took Monday morning before the ladies at work completely wiped them out.

We went inside Penn Mac to check out the huge variety of cheese for sale.

My mother, as always, asked me to bring her back a fish sandwich from Wholey's. Like me, she thinks they are the best in the city. While I was buying the sandwich, Beth walked around checked out the fish and the displays.

They also had some unknown sea creature for everyone to see.

It looked like a cross between Cousin Itt, a mop and Sigmund the Sea Monster.

Beth had also wanted to visit the Original Hot Dog Shop, so we got in my car and drove the short distance to Oakland.
Here is Beth in front of this Pittsburgh landmark.

The hot dogs here

are just fine. The wieners have a nice snap when you bite into them and I really like the fresh onions as a topping. But the one do not miss item here is the legendary fries. And they are legendary for not only how good they are, but the immense quantities they come in. The photo is somewhat deceiving, but this is a small.

For my money, these are the best fries anywhere and Beth seemed to agree.

Time was running short, so we headed back to The Strip, where I dropped Beth off at her car.

It was a genuine pleasure to see Beth again and to be able to show off a few Roadfood spots here in da 'Burgh.
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