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2008/05/11 13:44:05 (permalink)

Random NYC Experiences

This is a compilation report of my two most recent trips to NYC. I managed to bring my camera with me most of the time, but I also have a few places that I hit where I forgot my camera either in the hotel or the car. The most notable camera absence was for the Katz's Deli Meet-up with EliseT and the gang. What would the pre-game odds on both wanderingjew and I forgetting our cameras before heading into the city? Still, I have enough pictures to keep busy and enough stock photos taken previously to fill in.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a flight that was delayed into Newark. If you ever fly into Newark, you know that is not a big surprise. My flight landed around 11:30 pm, and I hadn't had any dinner. After collecting luggage and spending an unneeded amount of time at the Hertz counter, I progressed towards Manhattan. Recalling ellen4641's fondness for late-night Jewish deli, I knew that Sarge's Delicatessen would be open and ready to dish out some good corned beef. Unfortunately, I only knew that it was on Third Avenue - somewhere in the 30's. Using my keen corned beef Spidey sense, I tracked the place down and even found easy street parking late on a Friday night/Saturday morning.

Given my past propensity for arriving at restaurants during hours that THEY didn't find convenient, I was pleased to see this sign greeting my arrival.

Since it was now almost 2 in the morning, I wasn't really expecting to find such friendly people working at that hour. The staff was wonderful and I ordered a corned beef on rye and a kasha knish. I knew I would have a refrigerator in my hotel room, I didn't mind the idea of having leftovers. Since I ordered the food to go, most of the food pictures are pretty dark. This one may be dark, but at least it is in focus.

Normally I don't post my out-of-focus shots (post the good ones, hide the bad ones, and you're a much better photographer!), but at least this one shows the size of the sandwich.

This was a really good sandwich. I don't know if it is the best in town, but it is really good for a late night fix, and is easily the most reasonably priced of all the major Jewish-style deli players. I want to say that the sandwich and the knish together were around $15, which is what the sandwich alone would go for at Katz's or Carnegie.

I went back and edited one of the knish photos in Photoshop and I am not sure if it turned out. If at the end, I think the picture sucks, I may just edit it back out!

Since I didn't find a "CLOSED" sign, you would figure that this was an uneventful trip, right? Well, when I got back to my car, I found out that my key was broken - it was one of those retractable keys that you press the button to make the key pop out. Well, the key wouldn't pop out - and I didn't have my Leatherman to use as a tool, since I flew earlier in the day. After a half-hour on hold with Hertz "Emergency" Roadside Assistance - good thing it wasn't an emergency - I spent another half-hour in some twisted "Who's On First" routine with the person who answered the phone. She told me to use the "auto start" (the car didn't have an auto start), she told me to press the button (umm....duh!), she told me to use the auto start - again...and this routine went on for almost another half-hour. It's now around 3 am when she told me that a tow truck would be out to help me - in another hour or so. The tow truck came and popped the key open in no time and had me on my way. I finally arrived at my hotel a little before 5 am - with very little left of a corned beef sandwich.

More to come...


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