Daytona Beach 2008 (Complete)

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Daytona Beach 2008 (Complete)

On November 1st I drove up to Daytona Beach for BlueMaxx's weekend of racing and hamburger social (or, as Ellen4641 would say, "Meat-Up").

Before I went to the Daytona International Speedway, I stopped at the[url='']Stinky Dog Diner[/url]. Here is the logo, if you were wondering about the name:

It is housed in a narrow little building.

Stinky Dog Diner 12-foot wide front:

The property, though, is 100 feet deep, and there is an indoor dining area and a patio in the rear. I elected to enjoy the fine Daytona Beach day outside.

Outdoor Patio Seating:

I chose the namesake Stinky Dog which comes with the house secret recipe meaty chili sauce, and had them add mustard and chopped onions. I asked about the Stinkade, and the owner rattled off a list of juices which included kiwi fruit. It sounded good, so I got that and a side of potato salad. They do not serve fried food here.

Stinky Dog, Potato Salad and Stinkade:

I spoke with the owner, Janet, who is from Buffalo.

Stinky Dog Proprietor Janet, with Bob? the Manager:

She told me that the secret meat sauce recipe was obtained from an old lady in northern Pennsylvania, who has since passed away. The frankfurter itself is a skinless, all-beef "Hent's" from Michigan. It was mildly flavored, and reminded me of the Hoffy frankfurter served at Pink's in Hollywood, although, of course without a casing.

The secret sauce was meaty and tasty, with and interesting mild spiciness. I also enjoyed the Stinkade. I found that the fresh-tasting potato salad was not salted enough for my taste, but there were salt shakers on the tables to easily remedy that.

Close-up of the Stinky Dog:

I recommend this place! Click on the link at the top to view the website and menu.

Off To The Races!

In another thread, Porche race car driver BlueMaxx gave detailed instructions on how to get into the track. Of course, I left them at home. After wandering around for a while, I found a great spot from which to watch the 3:30 PM race. It was on some bleachers between a hair-pin infield corner, and the banking of the high-speed section of the course.

Bluemaxx racer slowing down for tight turn:

At the Apex of the Turn:

Closeup of BlueMaxx at work:

Up on the high-speed banking:

It was fun at the track, and it was a nice sunny day with a breeze. and Baah Ben were in the garage when I arrived, and BlueMaxx patiently answered all of our questions about the car.

BlueMaxx changing tire after the race, being supervised by Baah Ben:


Altogether, there were ten Roadfoodies and spouses and friends at the event:

Clockwise from the left: JohnA, wife Lou, SK_Bob, wife Peggy, BlueMaxx, Baah Ben,, Ellen 4641 and MiamiDon.

Ellen and our generous host BlueMaxx and Baah Ben:

Soon, our orders were taken, and the smell of flame-broiled meat wafted over the crowd.

Burgers on the grill:

I ordered mine with provalone cheese and grilled onions. Notice the onions under the cheese.

Brickyard Cheeseburger as served:

Cut in half (with silly plastic knife) to reveal juiciness and doneness:

This was one juicy, flavorful burger. It cannot recall ever having a better burger of this type in a restaurant. Roadfoodie stated before we were served that, "This is a burger that you have to commit to eating." He meant that it is so juicy that if one lets it stand too long the juices will make the bun disintegrate. He was right!

Baah Ben's neatly halved burger:

(He wisely obtained a steak knife!)

Ellen4641 after first bite of her burger:

I think she likes it!

She quickly made it disappear, and sat back looking satisfied:

A few baskets of the house specialty fried and grilled wings were ordered.

Ellen4641's Wings:

I got the hot garlic wings. The Brickyard deep-fries, sauces and then grills the wings. They were very, very good. They could have been a little more tender though. Perhaps an adjustment of the frying temperature and time could achieve this. Anyway, I greatly enjoyed them.

The fries were indifferent frozen ones. They were quite salty (and I like salt), and the edge of the burger touching them had a little jolt of salt. Perhaps they salted them in basket? We were a large crowd. Tell 'em to let you salt them yourself.

We stayed for quite a while, munching and talking. Everyone was quite nice, and the Roadfoodies immediately set to talking about food, restaurants and other folks (no, I won't reveal who!). I had seen photos of all the Roadfoodies except for SK_Bob, so there were few surprises. One thing that you cannot tell about Ellen4641 from her postings is that she talks really fast and is quite energetic! No wonder she is able to stay so trim eating all of that great food on her trips.

On the way out, I stopped to admire SK_Bob's ride:


Before heading back south, I travelled over to Daytona Beach Shores for breakfast. At 3711 Atlantic Avenue is the Beach Quarters Resort, home to Mike's Galley. Both and the book Meals Worth Stopping for in Florida recommended it.

Beach Quarters Resort:

There is not much to let one know that there is a restaurant there.

Then I noticed the van next to the resort sign:

Mike must be in!

Walking up to the building, I spotted this little sign above the alley on the south side:

Definitely a clue. I felt like I was on a treasure hunt.

Here is a view of the interior:

The whole place can't be much more than ten feet wide. I think that it is a converted hotel room. There is some outdoor seating on a balcony stretching around the building in an "L" shape. There are five two-person tables indoors, in addition to the round table in the photo. I think there were about five two-person tables outdoors. Definitely not a place for large parties.

Outdoor Seating:

Here is the view from the outdoor seating area:

That's [url='']Crabby Joe's[/url] on the Sunglow Pier in the background. It was a bit windy and chilly out, so I elected to breakfast indoors. After perusing the menu, I chose "Mike's Mix", which was various choices of meats and/or vegetables scrambled into eggs with cheese. I asked the lovely waitress Laurie which was best, the ham, bacon or sausage, and she told me that I could have them all. I selected a biscuit and home fries for sides.

Mike's Mix Three Meats:

This is a two person operation, with Mike working the kitchen like a madman, and waitress Laurie helping out, in addition to handling the customers. I muchly enjoyed my breakfast. The recipes are said to be Mike's mom's. I saw Mike grabbing a baked ham from the fridge to slice some off for me, and it was very good, with nice crispy edges. The bacon was thickly sliced and smoky; the three-way combination worked well. The biscuit was good, and the home fries (available with or without onions) were great. The only negative for me was that the orange juice was not freshly squeezed, which is what I prefer.

Home-baked breads and pastries are house specialties, as are the pancakes and French toast.

Mike's Galley, in the Celebrity Resorts at Daytona Beach Shores, (formerly Beach Quarters Inn - the sign's still up), 3711 S. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach Shores; 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday and sometimes Tuesday, closed Monday and sometimes Tuesday 386-767-3119, ext. 104.


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