new A.C. Deli,"The NY Diner" (UPDATED 3-17-2010 .. DELI no more: Good riddance!

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2008/11/23 22:37:59 (permalink)

new A.C. Deli,"The NY Diner" (UPDATED 3-17-2010 .. DELI no more: Good riddance!

Today I took a very short Sunday drive; 10 miles into AC.
Wanted to give a 2nd chance to the NY DINER
( I went there once before and was served brisket that looked like corned beef!)
NY DINER; note the blue jitney in the street (since 1915 !)
The AC Hilton Casino is on the left.
The very upscale Ocean Club high rise condos are on the left

This place has been open a few months or so.
It is located on the ground floor of a dumpy looking motel.
NY DINER, Atlantic City

It may say "dinner" on their fascade, but they are closing at 3 pm;
owner said to me that they plan to stay open longer when summer comes. I believe true delis should be open at least till 7:30-8 pm, like the Downbeach Deli in Margate.

I called on the phone during my nice walk I was having on the boardwalk. Told him my take out order, and he said it would be about 20 minutes. That sounded like too long just for a couple of items.

Here's my "#5 Combo"(l-r Roast Beef, Turkey, Corned Beef,and Pastrami

It was $13.99 (almost Carnegie Deli prices, and we're not even in NY)
And it would've looked even nicer with cole slaw on it.
Did'nt realize that would be an extra 50 CENTS, to go "all the way"..
so I had a "non cole slaw" sandwich when I unwrapped it at home.
I'd personally rather have them price the sandwich at $14.50, and just include the darned cole slaw....
NY DINER menu, "regular" sandwiches, like pastrami are $8.99
And the flyer on the left makes the sandwiches sound SO succulent!

Here's an ever closer up view.
My verdicts are as follows: Roast beef had nice flavor, but too many big GLOBS of FAT! Corned beef was too light and "goyish".
Turkey was real good. Pastrami was better than the corned beef; we'll leave it at that.

The owner, Greg, said they use National Brand pastrami and corned beef (a "slicer" joint, Baah Ben)
However, when I asked him if he roasted his own turkey and roast beef, he said YES.
Greg lastly ran the STAGE DELI (in the Taj Majal Casino), that deli recently closed. I asked him why , and he said "My lease was up"...
I think I might've asked one question to many, or had too many deli procedure comments, cause he was'nt quite as nice at the end.
(when my items were finally ready to take out)
I said "hope to see you again", and his response was "alright".
He's kind of hot and cold, I guess.
Unlike Irving's Deli in Livingston, which makes you feel so welcome from start to finish! Good closure is important!

Here's the 2nd item I took out...the OPEN FACE HOT TURKEY, $8.99

My verdict?!? The turkey was really good !! However, the pedestrian gravy ruined it !! Is it that difficult to make homemade gravy?!?
I run into way too many of these "mixes"; they all taste the same!

I was almost grateful when the turkey gravy ran out!

The portion was a real nice size. Actually, tomorrow I'm going to drive over to the small local "Tilton Market" in Northfield, cause they sell containers of good homemade gravy!!
(I'm going to supplement this turkey dish!!)

It was a nice day, compared to the rest of the week...
high of 42 degrees, but SUNNY and NO WIND.
Here's some pics I took while strolling on the boardwalk
AC beach , it ain't summer anymore!!

Trump Plaza casino on left, Caesars in middle, then Bally's...
the "Pier at Caesar's" upscale shopping and restaurants is that green building on the right. There is a Phillips Seafood (out of Baltimore) in there, etc...
It's like a "Forum Shops" in Vegas...

Looking south, the Tropicana Casino is the tower on the right.
The red brick building is the RITZ Condos. 10 years ago, one could've bought a studio apt. there (complete with a murphy bed) for $30,000! Then it shot up to $150,000. The RITZ used to be a hotel during the glory days of AC, way back.
In the left background are high rise condos, a good section of AC.
The slanted building on the right is the Ocean Club condos, very nice

Playland is looking pretty worn out, huh?

more AC Boardwalk....lots of the storefronts got totally redone..
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