Newman's Own (non-microwave) popping corn canceled

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2008/12/23 10:06:18 (permalink)

Newman's Own (non-microwave) popping corn canceled

I don't know about anyone else, but this has been my favorite popping corn for a decade, and I found out yesterday the company will only sell microwave popping corn from now on. Here is the letter I sent to their customer service department. Please let me know if you're interested in signing an online petition I plan to develop asking them to bring the product back.
To whom it may concern,

Please let me express my deep disappointment that Newman's Own decided
in July to stop producing its non-microwave popping corn.

I've been enjoying this product for years, and it is far superior to
any other popping corn I've had. My friends and family agree it is the
best popcorn they have ever tasted.

Now Newman's Own has joined the industry trend, which unfortunately is
to produce only microwave popcorn, a product that is far inferior in
flavor and texture. Other non-microwave popping corn, such as Orville
Redenbacher, is also disappointing when compared to the Newman's Own

I understand business is business, but I can't figure out why Newman's
Own first decided to make its popping corn almost impossible to find
and then cancel it. Maybe the product wasn't selling well, but that
stands to reason considering that for the last five years, it was only
carried by specialty stores. In 2007, I even had to contact the
company directly by email to find out where in my area I could buy it
(and my home in the Chicago suburbs is not exactly out in the sticks).
I feel Newman's Own didn't give the product a real chance.

Since I realize my letter isn't going to bring the product back
(though maybe I'll start an online petition so you can see how
disappointed many of your customers are), I'm hoping at the very least
you can direct me to either the farmers you bought the corn from so I
can buy it directly from them, or tell me if you have excess supplies
sitting in your warehouse, in which case I'm happy to buy in bulk
directly from you and enjoy it until it gets stale.

Unfortunately, your cancellation of Newman's Own Popping Corn may
affect my enthusiasm about buying other Newman's Own products in the
future, though I've enjoyed your spaghetti sauces and salad dressings,
as well as your salsa, over the years. I have to speak out in some way
against your terrible business decision, and it may be with my wallet.

Thanks for your attention.


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