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French Fry Search - Home Town Favorites

So, Im a vermont boy, who's moved to Michigan, and there are some foods I just crave from back home.  Strangely enough, french fries and burgers are the worst.  I can survive with the burgers, but the fries are driving me crazy.  There are two distinct types.  The first I can find no substitute for at all.  The second I found a substitute, but it's kinda sad.  I am praying someone out there knows of a place within two hours drive of detroit that produces something like the fries I am after.  . . . Otherwise I may have to take some time off from work and drive home!   Here they are.

1) Grew up on french fries and burgers from Beansies bus ( ), the same items from Al's french fries ( ).  Both places produce very similar fries, redish brown, not too crisp, but with a reasonably solid exterior, somewhat greasy, and something I miss horribly.  Both use lard to cook with.  Both hand cut their fries on premesis.  Both serve in half pints, pints, and quarts.   I miss them worse than my family. . .Because I can at least talk to my family by phone and email, with these, all I can do is stare at the screen and drool.

2) Nectars gravy-fries ( for these, the fries are not so much the issue, as the amazing combination with gravy.,   Even lower quality fries are fine, as long as the gravyt is good.  At nectars they are frozen fries, of a relatively beefy calibre, but the gravy. . . . The gravy is made fresh daily, and I have seen the dozen plus turkeys come out of the oven, late at night, for the gravy making extravaganza.   Obviously, a white, turkey gravy, rich and not too saulty.  Ladeled over a huge plate of fries, suitable for splitting with a friend, and fork required.   As I said earlier, I found a substitute that supresses the cravings some. . . . But it feels wrong to be eating at Rams Horn just to get such poor gravy fries.

Any help for a lost and craving vermont boy, here in the wilds of metro detroit?


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