My new favorite sandwich...the "Ultimate" B.L.F.G.T. at Dinosaur Barbeque, Harlem, NYC

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2009/02/23 01:59:13 (permalink)

My new favorite sandwich...the "Ultimate" B.L.F.G.T. at Dinosaur Barbeque, Harlem, NYC

My girlfriend and I headed out to Dinosaur Barbeque last night as her friend from high school was singing there with her band.  Who was I to refuse?  We started out with a 1/4 rack of ribs.  

These were pretty good; tender, smoky and just enough sauce on them.

Dayna went for the spicy boiled shrimp platter.  These were excellent and the BBQ sauce based cocktail sauce was spicy with a wicked horseradish kick.

Her side of mac and cheese was gooey and super cheesy.

The greens were good, but seemed a bit sweet, perhaps maybe some bbq sauce had been mixed in.

We split a side of Dino's beans as we love them and these didn't disappoint.  Lots of pulled pork AND sausage chunks were in the mix!

I had Creole Potato salad as one of my sides.  It had a bit of spicy kick to it and there was a nice balance of mustard and mayo.  Tasted almost like my sister's recipe (except no chopped hard boiled eggs)

And the vegetable of the day: Cajun Corn, spicy fried corn with red and green peppers, onions and a spice mix that brought some depth of flavor to it.

My platter: the "Ultimate" Bacon, Lettuce and Fried Green Tomato sandwich!  Each time I go to the Dinosaur, I try to eat at least one new thing.  I've had my eye on this sandwich for a while.  I ate a lot of BLTs growing up and I can take or leave fried green tomatoes, but everything on this sandwich made perfectly wicked sense.  I felt as though I was doing something naughty with each bite!  

Lemme tell ya something...they don't skimp on the bacon at all!  Dinosaur smokes it in-house.  I've always had BLTs on toasted white bread and I knew that the Dino's sandwiches all come on their sesame seeded rolls.  I asked the waitress and she said they have the rolls or the Cuban bread they use for their Cuban sandwich.  I figured I should try it the way they present it.  Hey, I'm willing to try a twist on the tomatoes, why not the bread too?  The roll was great and held up really well under all of those ingredients.  That bacon was soooo smoky, crispy and chewy!  The FGTs were slightly tart and crunchy.  They didn't use mayo, but I think their Buttermilk Ranch Dressing and the creaminess played nicely with the other ingredients.

Billyboy prepping for the first bite...

I'm goin' in!!!

We topped off our meal by splitting an Apple-Cranberry-Blueberry Cobbler with vanilla ice cream and it was divine.

There are a number of these motorcycle sculptures around the Dino by NYC artist Linus Coraggio.

A few of the B-movie posters throughout the Dinosaur...

The wall mural in the main dining room.  A barbeque take on the classic "dogs playing poker" scene.

Our other reason for coming.  Sweet Suzi and the Blues Experience.  They knocked out some killer blues of their own and threw down some covers of Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Stevie Wonder, and many others that I can't even remember.  I finished off the night with a pint of Syracuse Pale Ale, which went down smooth.

A quick note to Cosmos: I asked our waitress if Abby was in and a little while later, a man came to our table and introduced himself as "Abigail". He waited for us to respond, then broke out in a smile, It was the manager, Steve. He sent Abby over to us and we had a really nice conversation with her. We exchanged contact info and she said to give her a call the next time we need a reservation. Good times we had, good times!

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