Cincinnati Traditions with Chris & Amy (Ayersian)

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Cincinnati Traditions with Chris & Amy (Ayersian)

Saturday February 28, 2009
I got a message a few weeks back from Amy about coming to Cincinnati for the weekend.  She and Chris we coming in to check the city out.  We discussed the Cincinnati area and places to possibly meet up to share a meal.
We decided on Camp Washington Chili for a mini meet and eat.  I was excited, I was finally going to meet Chris & Amy.
I got there a few minutes early, so I scoped the various angles around Camp Washington Chili.

This is the Colrain Ave side of Camp Washington Chili.

This is the view from Hopple Street.
The old Camp Washington Chili building was a narrow 3 story brick, like so many in the area, but time took it's toll on the old place, and years ago the old one was torn down and the new one was built.
I have been coming to both for over 30 years, and I like the new building better.  It has that modern diner feel, stainless steel and neon.
While I was waiting on Chris and Amy, I noticed 4 of Cincinnati's finest enjoying their dinner there, and so were lots of locals.
Chris & Amy arrived and after some brief introductions in the "cold" we went inside for dinner.  (I enjoy the cold weather and was only wearing a short sleeve shirt.  it was only 35 degrees out.) 
When we went in I showed them the table in which Cliff and I sat last year. (Under the Roadfood Review)  Unfortunately it was full, so we chose another table.
Looking over the menu, I was torn.  I have been in the mood for a double decker (cincy tradition) or a 3-way and some coneys?  Which should I choose?

a Large 3-Way, seemed like the best choice

and of course 2 Cheese Coneys with the works
As Buffettbuster and Now Ayersian know I like to use a bigger plate and put the oyster crackers on the big plate and then slide the 3-4 or 5 way onto the bed of crackers.
Chris & Amy followed suit and even commented on how the oyster crackers really compliment the dish.

Chris & Amy doing the roadfood thing, gotta get the pictures first
I can only imagine what the others were thinking, all 3 of us had our cameras out taking pictures.
During dinner we talked about the greater Cincinnati area, They had just come from the art museum and were impressed.
Their day sounded like they had quite the adventure, Jungle Jim's, the art museum, and dinner at Camp Washington Chili.
In listening to both Chris and Amy, I could hear their passion for Roadfood and the adventure that goes with it.
It was truly a great experience to share a meal with them.
As we sat and talked the conversation came around to Graeter's Ice Cream, which is where I was planning on going for dessert. There is a Graeter's just up the hill from Camp Washington Chili so we made plans to meet up there for dessert.
Before I left, in honor of my good friend Cliff, I had to get this shot, and NO John Johnson wasn't there.

Camp Washington Chili
Corner of Hopple St and Colerain Ave
Cincinnati, OH
After a short drive up the hill, and over to Ludlow Ave, and after searching for a parking spot, (Mt Auburn on a Saturday evening is a busy place)  we actually timed it perfectly. 
I found a parking spot up the street and Chris and Amy found one down the street and walking back to Graeter's we met at the door.
I had my mind on a double dip mocha chip in a waffle cone, looking at the menu board on a white piece of paper was a notice, OUT OF MOCHA CHIP.
"Crushed" I had to go to a back up plan, oh wait what is that, a pretzel cone????
Chris & Amy had ordered one, so why not try it, but what flavor to try???
Ok, I wasn't as "crushed" as I let on, Graeter's does not make a bad flavor, but I had to choose from all those wonderful flavors.

Black Raspberry Chip, Double Scoop on a pretzel cone
Another wonderful time, getting to talk to Chris and Amy and hear about their Roadfood adventures.  We discussed the Memphis trip and next year's Glee Club adventure in Charleston.
I really did miss a great meet and eat.
As we were getting to leave we stepped over to the bakery side of Graeter's.  There was a lemon cream pie, chess pie, and others, and knowing Graeter's they would have been good.  However I have a weakness for one of their other bakery items.
A cheese crown, it is sort of complicated so I asked the bakery girl to explain it.
The cheese crown was one of those "happy mistakes" that occurs when cooking or baking.  It is cheese danish pastry, with cream cheese filling, but add cinnamon. (the "happy mistake")  You get a cross of a cheese danish and a cinnamon bun. 

tray of Cheese Crowns at Graeter's Bakery
I don't have a picture of just one of them. I was going to try and save them for the NASCAR race on Sunday, but I don't think they will make it that long.
Graeter's Ice Cream
332 Ludlow Avenue
Cincinnati, OH

(513) 281-4749
Two Cincinnati traditions in one evening, a great evening with 2 great roadfooders Chris & Amy.
Thank You Chris and Amy for making it such a great evening, I am still smiling with thoughts of the evening.

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