Baltimore mini road trip

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Baltimore mini road trip

Well, here goes my first trip report.  Did not start out intending to write one (no pictures, sorry), but post-trip, it seemed to make sense.
A friend and I went to Baltimore last Saturday morning with the intention of having breakfast at the Blue Moon Cafe.  It was kind of a spontaneous decision, so we didn't even have the address (and no GPS) -- we figured we would find it once we got to Baltimore.
Once we got to Baltimore, however, we decided to stop at Lexington Market ( ) first.  I then embarked on my own "eat around" of the Market:
1. Faidley's - This was my first stop.  Even though it was about 10:30 am, I knew I wanted a crab cake.  I got the jumbo lump, and it was very good and reasonably priced at $12.95.  You can get it with bread or crackers, and it comes with a garnish of lettuce and tomato, and your choice of tartar sauce and/or cocktail sauce.  I asked for both sauces, and the server gave them to me, but offered the suggestion that I try the crab cake without any sauce first.  Of course she was right, and I don't know what had possessed me -- I knew I wasn't going to use the sauces!
2. Polock Johnny's - I got a small polish dog, well-browned, with relish.  Tasty, and the relish had a bit of a kick.
3. Berger's - Looking at the cases I saw a rendition of sweet potato pie that was new to me -- it was done in a full sheet pan and cut into large, thin squares for serving.  I got a slice and ended up taking it home and eating it later that night.  It was okay, but not the best sweet potato pie I have had -- almost bland, if that is possible.
4. Konstant Hot Dogs - Got a chili dog with mustard and onions.  The chili was not great, the onions added nothing.  It might have been an okay hotdog just with the mustard.  I ate about half of it (I needed to pace myself anyway!).
5. Faidley's - Yes, back to Faidley's.  There were other temptations in the Market, but I knew what I really wanted -- clams and oysters.  Knowing we were still going to look for the Blue Moon Cafe, I just got 1/2 dozen -- 3 clams and 3 of the biggest oysters I have ever seen -- they were out of the smaller "medium" size, so I got the premium size oysters.  A couple of shakes of hot sauce and their thin, bottled cocktail sauce and I was very happy. 
Left Lexington Market and found our way to the Blue Moon Cafe.  There was over an hour wait for a table, so we left our name and wandered around Baltimore a little while -- Fells Point and Little Italy, where I had to stop at Vaccaro's ( ) for some pignoli cookies.  They were big, chewy and topped with lots of pignoli nuts -- excellent.
Made it back to the Blue Moon Cafe, were we drove around for a while before we found a parking spot.  Once inside we were seated at a table in the front picture window and right next to the front door.  The restaurant is in a converted row house and very small.  Being by the front door wasn't bad, because the door was open and there was a bit of a breeze.
I ordered brown sugar oatmeal pancakes and bacon, my friend got a sort of breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese, chorizo, green salsa on the side, and hashbrowns.  The waitress pointed out that they had the house speciality of Cap'n Crunch French toast on the menu that day, and that customers were ordering a short stack (2 pieces) to try it.  We said sure, add that on!
Overall, the food was ok.  There were 3 dinner plate-size pancakes in my order -- very large and thick, and a bit dry.  I had to ask for butter -- it helped a bit.  The syrup on the table was not maple, but the sweetness and moisure helped.  The bacon was good -- chewy, not over- or under-done.  The French toast was good -- two thick slices of white bread, soaked in egg mixure like regular French toast and then coated with crushed Cap'n Crunch cereal.  The short stack was topped with whipped cream and fresh blueberries, bananas and strawberries.  My friend said she liked her burrito, but the sausage was a bit too spicy for her taste.
Would I go back to the Blue Moon Cafe?  Yes, but with these caveats / considerations: 
Minimize the wait and go at an off time -- i.e., not high noon on a lovely spring Saturday.
Order more judiciously -- even if I had not "pre-eaten" at Lexington Market, the portion sizes were huge.  I took home 2+ pancakes and most of the French toast.
Be prepared for -- food orders arriving separately, small tables / crowded room, dirty floor and restroom, brusque service. 
Blue Moon Cafe
1621 Aliceanna St
Baltimore, MD 21231

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