Our Memorial Day Weekend Adventures with Add-Ons!!

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Our Memorial Day Weekend Adventures with Add-Ons!!

Memorial Day Weekend Surprise
What started as a plan for Poverty Pete (Big Steve) to escape Nashville for a weekend of relaxing here at the rural ‘orchard’ changed character several times during the long Holiday weekend. I will attempt to make long stories shorter to conserve space, but I must admit this one is a “New Classic” for me.
We had planned to have PP arrive Friday afternoon, do a little beverage shopping, then grill-out Friday night and Smoke a Pork Butt for Saturday dinner. Well, it got a little more complicated as time progressed.
PP did arrive about noon Friday and we headed for Louisville to the Liquor Barn to purchase some draft Beer from their ‘Growler Taps’. In the past the price on the ‘you tap it’ draft gallons has been very reasonable ( A gallon of Arrogant Bastard Ale being about $14 dollars). Well the store caught onto this ‘bargain rate’ and upped it considerably! We found that a 3-liter draft of the same was now $40...way out of out beer swilling price range!  So we bought a couple of cases of Amber Boch, some Shiners and some other ‘exotics’ that PP likes, as well as some wine and vodka for use at other meals, then headed for home.
We had just finished off-loading this cargo onto the kitchen counter and table and sat down with a cold one (or two) for a bit of a break before getting dinner going when the action got really moving.  Steve heard a knock at my back door and responded to find my 18 year-old neighbor girl crying and her face rather showing the results of a fight she had with her Mom. She was a real mess, but luckily the damage, while very ugly-looking, was rather minor. We brought her into the house and helped her clean herself up and stop the bleeding, while I called 911 and got the Police and EMT’s rolling. One cop and 5 EMT’s responded with an ambulance and rescue wagon. The EMT’s arrived first and blocked the road for several minutes waiting for the cop to arrive and secure the area! He did that and they all came marching in with the emergency kits and clipboards everywhere. There we were…The Kid all bloody and crying, and PP and I with empty beer bottles in our hands and alcohol visible on every flat surface in the kitchen! It looked like the stereotypical scene in the COPS TV show…The EMT had to sit his DeFib unit on a case of beer on the table to get to it (un-needed). Well, to make a long story shorter…after everyone had interviewed everyone else, and photos were taken, it finally became clear that the scene of the crime had been next door at the neighbors house, not in our kitchen, so they all loaded up (no pun intended) and went over there to interview the Mom etc etc.  Steve and I sat down and had another beer, and welcomed Janet home with stories of what had happened. Actually she walked in in the middle of it and thought it was some kind of a joke at first.
As things calmed down, we decided to do a quickie dinner rather than wait for the grill fire to get going…So we pan-seared the two Racks of Lamb while the Red Potatoes were oven-roasting, then stuck them into the hot oven with the Potatoes to finish their roasting. While that was going on we used the rest of the bacon-drippings to Pan-Fry one of the 2 lb Porterhouses we keep around. When it was a perfect Medium Rare we set it aside to rest while we pulled out the Lamb and Potatoes. All were just right!
We divided up the Steak on one plate, and double-cut the Ribs on another. With the Crispy-edged potatoes and a lot of melted butter we shared a great meal that really only took 30 minutes to prepare (other than the potatoes). Still shook-up from the ‘action’, we took no photos  of all this fun (sorry). We did have three good sized portions of the steak and eight of the double-rib pieces of Lamb between the three of us! So no one left the table hungry.
   PP and I got the smoker going about 8 AM and loaded it up about 9 AM. We had a Seventeen pound Pork Butt that had been cut into a large and small half for us. One half PP marinated using the Vickers Sauce given to us at the Memphis Meeting last winter. On the other he used a dry-rub. Into the Smoker they went and the long day of watching and sitting began.

It was looking pretty good when the surprise visitors started arriving!!

 A nice Smoke Ring tells us it is ready !!

 During the afternoon as the Pork slowly cooked Janet was very busy in the kitchen prepping the Potato Salad and the Beans and Slaw and  bunch of other stuff that I really wasn’t aware of. PP was scooting around checking this and that and ‘getting another beer’ (a habit of his I am real used too). Suddenly appearing on my front Porch is ‘Little Steve’ "TTM" !  Surprise!  I thought he must be passing thru with his friend Dave and stopping to say ‘HI’!  However, he started telling me how he had something in the car for me and would return shortly…Then up comes BUSHIE ! Now we have PP, TTM and Bushie opening beers and talking about all the nonsense we usually get into…I still didn’t get a grip on what was happening! 
Bushie takes some photos to add!

 Then up comes BuffetBuster and his girl-friend and her daughter !  Well by then it was a real “Get-Together” and we settled into a long afternoon and evening of good-times with Pork BBQ and fellowship capped by watching the Pittsburg Hockey Team win a game in the playoffs.
Here is BB and Mariton and her daughter helping (?) Jan in the Kitchen! 
   The Dog's Got to have the Blade Bones from the Pork. That made them happy too! McDuff in Blue and Demi in Red !!

While all this was going on, TTM was perfecting his bird photography from my living room window. Here are two of the results of his efforts!


  What a surprise meeting!  I have always been in the ‘organizing’ end of these events and honestly had never been the receiver of a surprise party in my life!  That made this one really special.  Janet and PP worked for weeks to get it organized and I am very grateful for having the chance to see my friends again!
   We decided to meet at LYNN’s PARADISE CAFÉ in Louisville for Breakfast, and plan the Sunday activities from there.
Here are a couple of ‘Lynn’s Photos. The folks purchased the ‘Mayors Crown’ in the gift shop and have challenged me to wear it at the Official Gatherings in the future!!
Here we pose with one of the outdoor signs-

 Then the usual "Let's photgraph our food" from Cliff, while the rest of us dive in !!

The Servers watch us with our food with "interest" !!

Here is an order of Bourbon-sauced French Toast we shared !

From Lynn’s  We split up, with PP, Janet and I heading for home after dropping Bushie off at the Airport for his return to Texas.
BB and TTM and the girls went to the Derby Museum at Churchill Downs, then got some Ice Cream at Graters before meeting us at the Patton Museum in Fort Knox.
Here is TTM's Strawberry Chip and Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream .

 We met at the Patton Museum, a very interesting (and FREE) place to peek into the life of the General and the Armor History of the Army.
   Here is General Patton welcoming us!

TTM wanted to check out the drivers seat in an Abrams Tank, so here he is in the simulator

There are dozens of tanks on display from all of the wars since the invention of the machine!!

Naturally one of the "Younger Guys" would fail to read the rules and get into some 'issues' with the local law enforcement...but we got him out ok!!

After Fort Knox we stopped at Mike Linnings Fish House on the way home thru Louisville.


We over-loaded on fried seafood and then split up for the night.  Here are some Onion Rings !!

   BB and ‘family' headed out Monday Morning, while TTM came over to share these photos with me, then he and PP headed out and Janet and I put our feet up to recover from a “Very Busy” Holiday at home !  That’s our weekend folks! Thanks to all who made the trip!!
I hope Bushie and BB will add their photos and especially their narrative to this report !!!
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