Finally - Great BBQ in South Jersey!

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2009/06/13 15:41:06 (permalink)

Finally - Great BBQ in South Jersey!

I posted my review on another website, so I'm going to cheat, and copy and paste it below:
Henri's Hotts Barbeque
1003 Black Horse Pike (Route 322, at the 54 overpass)
Folsom NJ 08037
Let me just start by saying that good BBQ, Barbecue or Barbeque - spell it any way you want and define it any way you want - is extremely difficult to find anywhere here in South Jersey. Most places just don't do it right. Some people are forced to go to a chain - or they don't know any better, simply because some of these little places just come and go.

I first  had the pleasure of meeting Doug Henri and his wife Ruthie last year when they had their truck and smoker at the Arts in the Park event at Smithville Park in Mt. Holly. We were mesmerized by the ribs in the smoker and found Doug and Ruthie to be two of the friendliest catering/food/restaurant people we've met. I tasted Doug's ribs, chopped pork, and fried whiting at that time, and Ruthie turned me on to some of the best macaroni and cheese in memory. I thought I'd never see these two or their food again, because at that time, they just only did catering and I believe they also have a take-out in Riverside. However, their new restaurant has opened and this is exactly what South Jersey needs. Doug's big smoker takes residence outside of the restaurant and just off the Black Horse Pike. You cannot miss seeing it or smelling it if it's fired up! The restaurant itself, which appeared to have been Tom & Dee's Pizza Palace previously, and who knows what else before that, sits on a "lonelier" stretch of the Black Horse Pike, just before the Green Terrace Motel. We like this section, because it's an area that, for the most part, has stayed more "Old South Jersey". But it's just a matter of time...
PLEASE excuse the poor quality of the pictures. All I had was the camera on my Env2 cellphone...


The interior is very clean, and you can sit in a nice little room in a booth. There are flat-screened TVs and sports memorabilia on the walls.

The food! This is what we got on May 3, 2009: I got the brisket platter. First of all, I saw Doug pulling briskets off the smoker and am so happy and satisfied to know that I got a piece of what I saw coming off there!



With my platter came corn on the cob and corn bread. My boyfriend, Brian, ordered the fried whiting platter. That also came with the corn bread and the corn on the cob.

We also shared a large side of Ruthie's macaroni and cheese. The picture doesn't do one bit of justice to the macaroni and cheese, so I'm not going to even post it.  The corn bread was absolutely one of the moistest and slightly-sweetest pieces of corn bread we have ever tasted. You know how corn bread usually is dry, and you can't wait to get some drink in your mouth to wash it down? Not so here.

Before I go on, I've got to tell you that the brisket almost brought tears to my eyes. It was that good. The brisket appears dry, but it was anything but! I highly, totally and completely recommend this brisket. And make sure your sauce is on the side so you can appreciate this for what it is. Dip all you want in Doug's home made sauce (which he plans to bottle), but order it on the side! The brisket was so full of flavor and so tender that it nearly drove me crazy. Brian said he was ordering that the next time! He enjoyed his fish very much, though, and I tasted it and liked the crunch quite a bit, and the flavor was very mild. It really was cooked perfectly, too.

The corn on the cob was frozen, and Brian liked it, but I really would  much rather wait until Jersey corn comes out. I know I have a long wait, but it's just how I am with local food.

Now...that macaroni and cheese. I've really never had anything like this. I make a mean macaroni and cheese - I know this - but this was what I call magical macaroni and cheese. Of course Ruthie will never reveal the recipe, but I know there is more than one type of cheese in there. And something else...something else! What IS it? It's fantastic! What more can I say except to try it. Not overly creamy, not dry.

I think the iced tea is home made. It's REAL good. And don't even get me started on that Red Velvet cake! This is no Duncan Hines mix, people! Ruthie has someone do a little baking for her and I want to meet that woman! This cake - I can't resist just throwing in a few words about it - is moist, not too sweet, not over-the-top, just right for ending a meal. Again, not a good picture (especially with some of the Red Velvet cake pictures I've seen on here!!) But here it is anyway, with a bite taken out.

Next time, ribs for me. Ribs. It's $19 for a full rack, so it's not a horrifyingly expensive meal.

Boy, the above picture sure looks BLUE, huh!
And by the way, Doug plans to add Texas-style sausage to the menu soon. You definitely don't see that anywhere around here!

Henri's Hotts Barbeque is open Tuesday through Sunday noon to 8:00 PM. We'll be back...soon.
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