Bobcat Bite/Santa Fe, NM

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Bobcat Bite/Santa Fe, NM

In 2004, my cousin Johnny and I vacationed in the Four Corners area.  We did spend a day in Santa Fe, NM eating our way around the city.  Our favorite thing in Santa Fe and on the entire trip was the Green Chile Cheeseburgers at Bobcat Bite.  We enjoyed it so much, we both had put Bobcat Bite in our respective Roadfood Top Ten lists.
Last week, we were again vacationing in New Mexico, with our return to Bobcat Bite being eagerly anticipated.  Could the GCC possibly live up to our expectations and the myths our memories had created?
We arrived last Wednesday around 3:00PM.  The place still looked great on the outside

and a fair amount of cars were in the parking lot.  We figured we would most likely have to wait for a table.  But the people waiting were all parts of larger parties, so we grabbed the two open seats at the end of the counter.  A woman, who I recognized as owner Bonnie Eckre, warmly greeted us and gave us menus.  No surprise, that they have bobcats on the front.

We did look over the menu, but there was never any doubt about what we would be ordering.  Here is the burger section of the menu.

In our previous visit, I don't remember trying any of the sides.  This time, Johnny got an order of the cole slaw. 

The cabbage was chopped fine and it had a nice vinegary, peppery taste.  Johnny said it reminded him of the Amish pepper slaw he buys at the PA Dutch Market in Annapolis, which is reviewed here on Roadfood.
The GCCs took a while to be delivered to us.  This is not fast food.  When they were sat down in front of us, I asked Bonnie to take our photo.

We look like two guys who are ready to take care of business!  Here is what the burger looks like when it is delivered. 

If you don't order a side, it comes with chips.  Underneath the bun is lettuce and tomato.  While I was taking my usual way too many photos, Johnny was already half way done with his burger, alternating between yummy noises and exclaiming how juicy it was.  So, I pressed down on the bun and you can see the juice dripping down the sides of the burger.

After the very first bite, beef juice started dripping down my arm.  Here is a rather poor photo of the bitten into burger.

What is kind of unusual about this GCC is that the green chile is applied directly on top of the burger and then the cheese on top of that.  The chile itself does not bring much heat and is rather mild.  But what it lacks in heat, it makes up for in powerful flavor.  Combine that with the high quality beef that is used here and you have a world class burger.  Johnny and I ordered our burgers medium and they had just the right amount of pink in the middle.
Both of us gushed how great our burgers were and we agreed we must come back later in the trip.  Since it was my turn to pay, I went up to the cash register with the bill.  The other waitress asked how our food was and I told her it so fantastic that were going to come back a couple of more times before our vacation was over.  She said if we were going to come back, she should know our names and introduced herself as Ashley.  I thought that was a very nice touch.
On Thursday, we spent the day riding the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, so it wasn't until late Friday afternoon that we made it back to Bobcat Bite.  Only this time, there was hardly any cars in the parking lot, which came as quite a surprise.  We settled on a table next to the counter in the left corner.  The attractive Ashley welcomed us back and was our waitress this time.  By now, I had picked up the 2002 copy of Roadfood they keep on the shelf and was perusing it.  We told her that we travel around, eating at places out of the book and this was our all-time favorite, and she seemed quite pleased at this.  We overheard her give our order to the owner John Eckre in the kitchen, along with what we had said and we could overhear him in the kitchen, sarcastically exclaim, "Well that's no pressure"! 
This time, we tried a couple more sides.  The beans in a skillet

were more typical baked beans than the pinto beans we had mostly seen on the trip.  They were sweet and had plenty of bacon it.  Excellent!  These are only available in the summer.  The potato salad (sorry, the pics didn't turn out) had pickel, celery and plenty of egg and was both sweet and tart.  Johnny really liked it.  And the burgers, which came out faster, since there was less of a crowd, were just as amazing.  Here is another shot of the juicy burger.

This place never stays empty long and before we left, the place was filled,

with lots of people again waiting outside.
We had hopes of coming back on Saturday.  The decision to share a GCC and try a steak this time was already made.  But we ended up spending more time at Bandelier National Monument than expected and we didn't make it back.  At least we got there twice.
Both Johnny and I easily agree, this is the #1 Roadfood place we have ever visited.
Here is their website:
The Roadfood review:
A video from George Motz Hamburger America film:
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