The Georgia BBQ Massacre: Terrifying Experience @ Williamson Brothers!

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The Georgia BBQ Massacre: Terrifying Experience @ Williamson Brothers!

Who woulda thunk!?!" />
 This was my first dine-in at Williamson Bros. BBQ in Marrietta. Several times before, I had obtained take-out, and was extremely happy with both the pulled pork and Brunswick stew.
The dine-in experience started off nicely enough, as the restaurant has an authentic, "homey" Southern feel to it. The huge woodpile out front, has always been reassuring.
A friendly young gal arrived after several minutes, and took our drink order. Sweet tea for me, but dear ol' mom asked for coffee. Several more minutes passed, which I attributed to making a fresh pot. Not so, as I learned later.
Anyway, tea arrives and so does the coffee. Complete with a nice lipstick smudge!The waitress was off and running, before we could bring it to her attention. We put a napkin to work, and didn't even mention it, when our waitress returned for our order---several more minutes later.
Mom had a pulled pork sandwich with potato salad, and I tried the pork plate with cole slaw and Brunswick stew.
Shortly, mom had her potato salad in front of her, and I had my cole slaw. The sandwich, pork plate, and Brunswick stew were M.I.A.

After several more minutes had passed, and the hot items were nowhere to be found, I decided to try my cole slaw, which of course was getting warmer by the minute. Looking for the pepper, I found a huge container, with an opening a small rock could pass through. How one is suppose to apply said pepper, is somewhat baffling. I had to wipe off my tea spoon, and carefully sprinkle as best I could.

Finally, the sandwich and the pork plate arrived. My pork was swimming in a house sauce, that I did not request to be applied. There was a house hot sauce sitting on the table, that I had planned to use. If the menu advised that the plates came in this fashion, I could have ordered it dry. The plate was definately heavier on sauce than meat, too.

Going from bad to worse, was the "stew." Make that soup! A thin, watery, thimble-sized portion that was nothing like the smokey goodness, I was taken home several times past.

I literally ate two bites of pork, and asked for the check. Mom was ready to go, as well. The waitress cleared the table of basically untouched food, but didn't inquire if there was a problem.
After paying, I was just going to leave, but literally ran into the manager on the way out the door. I asked for nothing but an explanation on several things.
First, I was told the lipstick smudge happens from time to time, as it is maybe the hardest substance to purge during cleaning. The magnum-sized pepper container, sans a shaker-top, was something the owners had decided on. Same with bringing cold sides out first, and all hot items out later.  This why there was such a lag in receiving drinks, placing an order, and receiving the food. The wait staff have to multi-task, including rounding up the cold sides, while the kitchen prepares the hot items.
I'm still shaking my head over that one... I personally care for my meal to be served as one course, thank you very much.
She also could not explain, why they offer several sauces, but the plates arrive with the basic variety, and in an amount that seems excessive to me. As for the stew being thin and tasteless, she suggested that maybe the cook, had watered the mix down too much, on this batch.
She was cordial. She was concerned. She insisted on giving me a gift certificate to cover the full expense.
I will give Williamson Bros. another dine-in chance. However, after this fiasco, Harold's (reviewed on this site) is firmly in first-place, when it comes to Atlanta dine-in Q.

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