"SAVE THE DELI" book ! DAVID SAX is on a "MEAT & greet" book signing tour !

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2009/11/04 23:22:10 (permalink)

"SAVE THE DELI" book ! DAVID SAX is on a "MEAT & greet" book signing tour !

And he MAY be coming soon to a city near YOU !! I'm a big follower of David Sax, the way some people follow their favorite rock bands!  I love his website www.savethedeli.com ....(his book tour dates are listed)
I finally got to "meat" him last night at his Philly signing....
If you live in Richmond, VA, Tampa, FL , (and more) you can go schmooze with him, as well...
His book just came out about 3 weeks ago.
I was in L.A. last month on vacation, and just missed seeing him at LANGERS. He was appearing there on Oct. 28th, and my flight back east was on the 27th.  BUT, I DID catch the "vibes", as I went to Langers on Oct. 26th, a few days before him...
I see Langers was busy setting up for David Sax's arrival!  

I had the #19 sandwich,  their top seller... pastrami with cole slaw and swiss cheese...
I can now declare LANGERS my 2nd favorite pastrami, after my #1 CARNEGIE DELI.
But if you notice, it is NOT a packed sandwich, (whereas the Carnegie is PACKED, for about the same price)

Still, every bite was a HEAVENLY experience, (just like my HEAVENLY T-shirt)
 My final bill for LANGERS, Mon. Oct. 26th, 2009

I took out a pound of pastrami for my buddy Arnie, who I was crashing with.... HENCE, the $20.00 charge on my bill!
The $2.15 charge was for my "extra side of rye bread and butter".... (that was a ripoff price, imo, as I paid only 70 cents for my
side of bread at the Famous 4th St. Deli in Philly last night)  HECK I could've probably bought half a loaf for a few more dollars!     Arnie was smart to order by the pound, cause he got WAY more pastrami than I got! ( proportionately)
(of course, he did'nt get that Langers experience... (Langers, since 1947!)
I would suggest for one to order a sandwich to eat in the restaurant, then also order by the pound to take out!!!
DAVID SAX represents a young & hip generation of Jewish deli lovers.... I find him very refreshing....informative and entertaining
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