But this wasn't supposed to be MY trip report...... Really it wasn't !!!

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2010/07/28 19:45:20 (permalink)

But this wasn't supposed to be MY trip report...... Really it wasn't !!!

Really, I was just supposed to be along for the ride (and the company of course) with Buffetbuster and a break from my summer long diet which I'm still on. This was supposed to be his trip. Initially I didn't know where we were going to go, I told him to surprise me. I knew we were supposed to go to the State Capitol in Augusta, other than that I was open to anything.

Imagine my dismay when Buffetbuster called me and told me he couldn't make it due to some issues at work I was disappointed but understood that life happens. Either way, I already had two hotel nights pre-paid on priceline since even the cheapest of the cheapest motel rooms in the Portland Maine area go for a buck fifty a night on the weekends all summer long.

I was a trooper, I decided I was going to take this trip myself and make the best of things. Although my trip probably turned out a little differently than what would have been had Buffetbuster been with me, in a way, I felt that he was there with me in spirit.

Last Thursday evening after dinner and my 3 mile power walk, I headed up to Portland. Still in diet mode (but just for the evening) I checked into my motel and called it a night as the two hour and 45 minute drive completely tired me out.

Friday I woke up and had no game plan, I had no idea where I was going and what I was going to do since I initially had no reason to plan anything, the day was basically a clean slate.

I thought "what would Buffetbuster do?" or where would he go?

Well, after a 12 year absence, I decided to give this place another shot.

The last time I visited Becky's Diner in 1998, for breakfast,  I wasn't overly impressed and never went back. It wasn't a memorable meal and there are other places I prefer for breakfast in the Portland area.  Well, I thought I would give the place another chance.  After ordering a cup of hot water...

(yes...it was really coffee , but like any coffee I've had outside of a coffee house, it  tasted just like hot water to me) I asked the waitress if the corned beef hash was homemade, she replied it wasn't. Ok that's the first big strike. I wonder why any greasy spoon or diner in corned beef hash country (northern New England) would even think of opening up a can of the stuff. Well, I knew what I wasn't getting. Then I asked if their blueberry muffins are homemade (I felt the need to ask just in case) they are...Ok that (toasted)  and a side of bacon..

Although the photo depicts the muffin pre buttered, these were moist and chock full of blueberry. The bacon (no photos) was....well....bacon...

After breakfast I had to stop at my favorite coffee house in Northern New England, Udder Place Coffee Company  for the real stuff..
I love the sign outside the building so I'll include a photo

After loading up on coffee, I was up and ready to go.

It's been a good decade since I've been to some of the local beaches in the Portland area. It was a beautiful day so a nice long walk was in order  (sorry Buffetbuster- no naps for me!)

I headed out to

Scarborough Beach State Park. The entrance is towards the middle of the beach. And the beach extends probably close to a mile to the left and then close to another mile to the right.

I took advantage of the nice scenery and walked both directions round trip.

After my walk and sending taunting photos of the scenery to Buffetbuster which I also took on my cellphone, it was time for lunch....

Over the last few years I have been severely ridiculed by some of my Bostonian coworkers. To this day they can't believe I went to Boston "just for a Roast Beef Sandwich" but I would ask "what about those "North Shore Roast Beef Sandwiches?" and they would respond "what??? a North Shore Roast Beef Sandwich??? !!! never heard of that- Roast Beef Sandwiches are everywhere" and I conceeded and agreed that they are but "Bruce and Stepen say...and at that point I cut myself off and say."oh forget it ,it's too complicated to get into"
Several years back, former poster Dave M mentioned a roast beef joint in downtown Portland. Since then they have expanded and now have an outlet in a strip mall in suburban Scarborough.  I've never been there and after seeing an advertisement in my hotel guide I decided to finally check it out.

Henry VIII Carvery

They have a huge selection of not only roast beef sandwiches but roast pork, ham and turkey as well.

I decided to go with their namesake sandwich "the Henry VIII"

Tender pink roast beef served on a bulkie roll....slathered in their zesty horseradish sauce (which they could have used a little less of). The roast beef was just as good as the roast beef served during my first visit to Kelly's and fortunately much better than my last visit. It was also better than the extremely well done (after asking for it medium rare) roast beef that was served to me at Nick's. I ordered a side of coleslaw. It doesn't deserve a photo-  It tasted just like dirty socks, I can't think of any other way to describe it...

Much more to come.....
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