Wendy's To Phase Out Unpopular Hamburger Sandwich

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2010/09/05 12:23:10 (permalink)

Wendy's To Phase Out Unpopular Hamburger Sandwich

(I tried to link this, but links appear to be dead.)
DUBLIN, OH—Representatives for the restaurant chain Wendy's announced Tuesday that due to the item's continually dismal performance, the company would be discontinuing the widely disliked hamburger sandwich.

The hamburger sandwich, which Wendy's sources described as a ground beef "patty" placed between vegetables and two slices of bread, has long been the restaurant's worst-selling menu item, leading executives to decide that the time had finally come to phase it out of all 6,650 Wendy's locations.
"For more than 40 years, we've tried in vain to get the hamburger sandwich to catch on with our customers, but it is now clear that we're never going to make that happen," Wendy's CEO Roland Smith told reporters. "We knew from the beginning that the hamburger sandwich wasn't going to be for everyone, but we still hoped in vain that it might develop a nice little niche following over time. Unfortunately, it never did."
"After millions of dollars and countless man-hours, we have arrived at a very simple truth," Smith added. "People just flat-out don't like hamburger sandwiches."
Originally devised as an alternative to classic Wendy's favorites like the cucumber tea sandwich or the watercress-and-beet salad with a light vinaigrette, the hamburger sandwich has languished on the restaurant's menu for decades, due largely, officials claimed, to an unwillingness among customers to order something outside their comfort zone.
While the company has experimented with variations on the hamburger sandwich over the years, Wendy's representatives said such efforts have all been met with quizzical reactions—and sometimes even outright revulsion—from customers.
"Honestly, we tried everything," Wendy's research and development head Charles Cullen said. "We tried including free packets of our tomato catsup sauce, but people said the sauce was too sweet. Then we tried putting some cheese on top of the patty, but people didn't like how the cheese melted on the meat. We even tried stacking two hamburger sandwiches on top of each other, but of course everyone hated that because it just meant having to eat more hamburger sandwich."

"There's just something about the combination of flavors in a hamburger sandwich that naturally turns people off," Cullen added.
Company sources also announced that they would be phasing out their unpopular French-fried potatoes, which were added to the menu in an ill-fated, and some said bizarre, attempt to find a pairing for the hamburger sandwich—a combination deemed "thoroughly unappetizing" by 95 percent of Wendy's customers in a recent survey.
The side item will reportedly be replaced by the restaurant's beloved fresh celery sticks in all combo-meal deals.
Though Wendy's has sunk nearly $150 million dollars into the hamburger sandwich project since 1969, Smith maintained that Wendy's would remain financially solvent.
"Every company tries new ideas, and every company has successes and failures," Smith said. "Back in 1991, when we added windows to our restaurants where you could pick up your food in your car, we heard our customer's complaints loud and clear: 'Cars are for driving and food is for eating. Don't try to mix the two.' And so we stopped. This whole hamburger sandwich debacle will be no different."
Wendy's, of course, is only the latest in a series of fast-food restaurant chains to fail on a large scale with the hamburger sandwich: Similar botched attempts have been made by McDonald's, Carl's Jr., Jack in the Box, and the short-lived all-hamburger-sandwich concept restaurant Burger King, which opened and closed its doors within eight months in 1994.
Many industry analysts are saying that continued failure to introduce new products into an already established restaurant chain can have dire financial consequences.
"We've seen many companies in the past nearly bankrupt themselves with these kinds of ideas," food industry analyst Norm Horwitz said. "Look at KFC with their disastrous bucket-full-of-breaded-and-fried-chicken campaign. Or Dairy Queen with their cup full of ice cream and cookies. Perfect examples of why restaurants should stick to what they know."
"In my opinion, they'd all be better off if they stopped trying to think outside the box and just gave people what they wanted already," Horwitz continued. "Something simple like a nice bowl of zucchini goulash with a side of quinoa, and maybe an omega-3 fish oil supplement for the ride home."


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    Re:Wendy's To Phase Out Unpopular Hamburger Sandwich 2010/09/05 15:15:57 (permalink)
    It's from the Onion (for those who don't know, it's a popular humor website that puts up satirical and entirely false "news stories").
    By the way, to put up a link, just highlight the text you want to link in; the link "button" will become available. Here's the original link.
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    Re:Wendy's To Phase Out Unpopular Hamburger Sandwich 2010/09/05 20:29:47 (permalink)
    Sheesch, I had to find a Calandar...I thought it was April,First !!!!
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    Re:Wendy's To Phase Out Unpopular Hamburger Sandwich 2010/09/05 23:48:09 (permalink)
    So I went through the drive thru the other night @ Wendy's, and decided to have a little fun. I said to the kid, "I heard a rumor that you're bringing back the Monterrey Ranch Chicken Sandwich. What say you?"
    He said, 'Yeah, they like to bring back the sandwiches every now and then."
    So I told my friend this, she was not phased. I said, "Well, don't you want to know where I heard the rumor?" She said yes. I said, "Right there, made up by me, in the drive thru!!!" She said I was terrible.
    My other friend that I told asked why I said that, I said, "Because! That kid is going to ask his manager, who is going to ask the district manager, who is going to ask the regional manager, who will ask the next higher up. If I go to all the Wendy's in the area over the weekend, I bet it will get people talking. My mom loves Frosty's, she will be up for it."
    She said, "I guess, Then the managers are all asking each other & no one knows, and then one will be like, "Let me call Ted in Texas."  I don't know why that made me laugh as hard as I did, but it was great.
    In conclusion, if everyone who is reading this could say to the kid @ Wendy's the next time they go to the drive through, "I heard a rumor you're bringing back the Monterrey Ranch chicken sandwich." it would be much appreciated.

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    Re:Wendy's To Phase Out Unpopular Hamburger Sandwich 2010/09/06 21:10:57 (permalink)
    Bartl, good one!
    Al, good one!
    SD your a weird dude!!! :~)    (but I like you!)
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    Re:Wendy's To Phase Out Unpopular Hamburger Sandwich 2010/09/06 22:34:47 (permalink)
    SD your a weird dude!!! :~)    (but I like you!)

    Nope, she's a weird chick.
    And I like her too.
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    Re:Wendy's To Phase Out Unpopular Hamburger Sandwich 2010/09/06 23:41:02 (permalink)
    I heard that Arby's is going to start putting REAL Roast Beef in their sandwiches----Could it possibly be true??
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    Re:Wendy's To Phase Out Unpopular Hamburger Sandwich 2010/09/07 09:20:45 (permalink)
    Daa, thanks Buddy! Sorry SD!!! Although now days I here everyone being called "dude" sometimes.  But... I don't do that.
    SD, the reason they called Ted in Texas is because us in Texas know everything. Well... maybe we just think we do. :~)
    Oh, SD... I do like the Windy's grilled chicken that they once called "spicy". Now I think they just call it a grilled chicken sandwich. It has a kinda, but not really, spicy honey mustard sauce. It is one of the better FF sandwiches I think. I didn't get to try the Ranch but it does sound good.
    Sure FoodB... and Micky D's is gonna start using real cheese.
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