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Type of cart to buy

Hi!  I'm new to online forums and to posting, so just let me know if I'm going about this the wrong way.  I want to set up my own cart but am not sure what type of cart would be best.  I have literally spent hours and hours searching things cart type, insurance that i would need, my states requirements (which i was amazed to see vary by county), etc.  Then I just came across this forum and thought maybe it would be a good place to ask about cart type.  What I've found...
- Craigslist:  there don't seem to be any available in my area and i am a little nervous to have something shipped from a random individual...if I paid and then it didn't get sent, I would basically be "up a crick without a paddle" for the next few years. 
- Willydog:  the website makes them look really good, but there are some random complaints online about receiving a bad cart
- All American:  the website makes them look really good too, of course
- Top Dog
- I'm sure many, many more, all the websites make their carts look good, so I just thought it would be better to get feedback from real people using the real thing.
I'm in Minnesota and I want to get a good cart that is going to work to feed 100 - 300 people a day for the location I have in mind.  I really wish I was handy, but I'm not, so I figure I need to make sure and do enough looking into this so I get a cart that works.  I have enough money to buy a cart, but I'm not going to be able to afford to have random unexpected fix up troubles right at the beginning if I get a bad cart.  So I just want to make sure I start out with something good. 
Can anyone give any recommendations?
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