A Grand Day in Manhattan with the NYC Nosh - November 14. 2010 (with pics!)

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A Grand Day in Manhattan with the NYC Nosh - November 14. 2010 (with pics!)

After a couple of misfires earlier this year, the NYC Nosh Tour came together on Sunday November 14, 2010.  Our first stop was at 10am in front of Murray's Bagels just outside of Union Square.  I made everyone pose for the requisite group shot before going in.  From left top right:  Matt, Heather (Karilyn's friends from MA), RFer Karilyn, Dayna (my GF), Michelle (Mrs. Tony Bad), RFer Tony Bad, his sister Margret and in the front Tony & Michelle's children, Christina and Anthony.

As is the case on most Sundays here in NYC, the place was packed but the line moved fairly quickly.  

Mmmmmm....fresh bagels!!


I had been so excited to come here and already knew what I would be getting.  Unfortunately, the Everything bagels were still baking so I opted for a whole wheat Everything with Maple-Walnut-Raisin cream cheese.  When I told some in the group they thought it was an odd mix but for me the combination of savory and sweet has long been a favorite of mine.  My only complaint about this bagel is that there wasn't any salt on it and that would have really played well against the sweetness of the cream cheese.  That aside, this was a really good, fresh, chewy (without being doughy) bagel.  It made me so happy.  I think everyone liked Murray's and a few people picked up some to take home.
One thing to note about Murray's is that they do not have a toaster and therefore cannot toast a bagel for you.  They don't sell day old bagels either so everything you get was made that same day.  I have always maintained that toasting is CPR for bagels.  A way to breathe life back into something, if you will.  I do understand the textural appeal of toasting but if you come to NYC and you want to try a bagel, please do not ask for your first one to be toasted.  Try it as it was meant to be.

Our 2nd stop of the day was a short walk away to The Donut Pub on the corner of 14th Street & 7th Avenue.

Looking in the window display, you can see they also sell black & white cookies, red velvet cupcakes and Oreo muffins.  I've been coming to this 24 hour donut shop for a few years now and it definitely is a "mostly locals" kind of spot.  Stools at the well worn counter and a small staff on hand cranking out some tasty fried goodies.

What to choose?  What to choose?

Karilyn seems pretty happy with her Chocolate Ring.

Dayna picked up an Apple Fritter.  While the inside was most likely canned apple filling, the pastry itself was light, sweet and very tasty.  And she's not a donut person at all.

I had my usual, a Toasted Coconut yeast donut and a French Crueller.  Delicious as always and I could knock back about a half dozen of those French Cruellers in my sleep.  So light and soft yet crispy on the outside!  Everyone seemed to like the feel of the place, which filled up quickly, and the quality of the donuts.  On to stop #3...

Carnegie Deli!!!  This is the place that got the ball rolling for this tour.  Tony Bad and I had talked about getting lunch together and I had never been here before (despite having worked 3 blocks from here for almost 2 years!).  I really do like their exterior signage but there was scaffolding up on this day.  My apologies.

I love the saying on this menu!

I had every intention of ordering a pastrami sandwich but I went with the Woody Allen instead.  Dedicated Fresser?  No problem!  Famous last words...

Sours and half sours for the table.  They were alright but no the best pickles I've ever had in a deli.

Marisa took a group shot...  

...and then I returned the favor.  In this shot, left to right:  Michelle, Margaret, Marisa, Doug, Tony, Christina and Anthony.  I think Tony, Michelle and Margret split a Woody Allen and made short work of it.  The kids each had a foot long hot dog and managed to polish them off.  We spent a good portion of time trying to figure out who many of the people were in the pictures on the walls.

My Woody Allen Pastrami/corned beef combo.  I knew I was going to enjoy the pastrami when we first entered the deli and I was hit in the face with the sultry perfume of cured meat.  This was sooooo good.  Moist, tender and lots of flavor and for the first 3 or 4 bites I was all set to polish it off, but it is HUGE!  I ended up taking half of it home where it sits in my refrigerator as I write this.  Me? A Dedicated Fresser?  What was I thinking?  I did also order a side of baked beans, but in my meat coma I neglected take a picture of them.  They were outstanding.  I'm a huge lover of baked beans and these really reminded me of the ones at Mr. Bartley's in Cambridge, MA.  

A full on frontal shot (just for you, Ellen!).  

Marisa picked up a meat knish in addition the the Woody Allen that she and Doug split.  It was pretty good but I think I prefer potato knishes.

I called Carnegie a few days ahead to see about a reservation for 15 and they said that was a small number for them and to just call an hour before we arrived.  Well, I remembered that bit of advice as we walked up to the deli.  Good one, Billy!  A woman came out to find out how many in each party and they seated us pretty quickly.  We ended up sitting at two different tables (Dayna, Karilyn, Matt, Heather and our friend, Claude on the main floor).  This view is from the stairs leading up to our table in the back room.  The walls of this place are filed with head shots, most of whom many of us didn't recognize, although if you look closely, you can spot one of my favorite mascots, Alfred E. Neuman on the wall.    

And I just HAD to take this shot of the line-up of usual deli suspects on the way out.  Looking forward to coming back here soon!  A few things to note:  There is a charge for sharing, there is an extra charge for more bread for the sandwiches and the minimum order for adults is $12.95 (most of the sandwiches are priced around that or above).  I think I still prefer the cafeteria-style and counterman interaction of Katz's, but this place has got an awful lot of charm and great food to boot.  Touristy?  Hey, it's between Central Park and Times Square! It's to be expected, but I think it's worth walking through the masses.  And Dale, I'm sorry for not getting a shot of the cheesecake for you but after that meal I felt if I even LOOKED at a cheesecake, I may have exploded!

Six more stops to come! Stay tuned...!
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